Channeled Message

Messages from our future selves:

I am hearing snippets.  One is ‘it doesn’t serve you to be in such pain, it doesn’t serve your life or your soul’.  Another thing I heard is’ you are so much more than what you realize’.  Allow yourself to be your full self.  Another snippet I heard was ‘it’s going to be fabulous when you teleport.  I teleport all the time now.  Teleporting is no not so far into the future’.  Another snippet I heard was, I can’t even describe it, but what I saw is mathematical equations going through and several people saying that’s how that works.  So, it’s a way of bringing into the physical reality the change that comes with that crystalline energy.  And of course, there are many, many, many more things than that.

As I look at each one of you I see that you are lifted up.  I see that you excited.  I see that you are anticipating what may come.  I just heard another one go through saying; ‘remind them that cancer is a temporary experience.  There is a cure and the cure is here’.  I heard another one ‘remind people that that deep-seated control and manipulation is broken.  It’s not that it’s going to break and is going away.  It is broken and you’ll begin to see more and more ways in which that will be cleared’. 

Be in the Flow of Love