Channeled Message

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and invite the energies of the super moon with the full eclipse into this moment: 

Perhaps if you felt as if it was a constant struggle to support yourself you can be open and feel the infinite flow of energy and light as it moves through you in this now moment. And as you clear out that sense of lack, as you clear out that sense of scarcity that’s in your vibration it is replaced with this full abundance and as you move forward with this abundance it allows you to look at the world in a new way.

But the energies of this blood moon if you were someone that had trouble say understanding who you are and how to connect within yourself or how to listen to the voice within yourself instead of the friends and people around you, then let that be clear. Let that be clear as you open to this massive alignment with your divinity. You are here in this now moment expressing as your divinity and with this huge blood moon just illuminating all of who you are it moves through you as your consciousness and its moving through you as the human.