Channeled Message

During the teleconference, this was very powerful!  When people are wrapped up in their disappointments or negativity, they don’t allow love and potential in.  If this is you……. then I invite you to step into this special place of love and support:

So many of you, the ones that I really tapped into that are strangling it, you’re not even allowing love to come into you.  This is perhaps a part of why you’re in the cycle that’s never clearing and never releasing.  Therefore, I invite you to simply place yourself here within the All That Is which is love.  I invite you to place yourself in a space where love is all around you, because it is.  Then take a deep breath; breathe deeply, deeply, within you and just let go, just relax.  As you relax that warm compassionate love is immediately there to rush within you. 

There are a certain number of people that are simply never letting in that love and I would say we’ve done this before, and I saw Archangel Michael walked up and he reminds you that you do have that Sword of Light.  You can use that Sword of Light to cut through this energy.  It is a crystalline vibration and as it cuts through love immediately comes in. 

Be in the Flow of Love