Channeled Message

Speaking of a link between this lifetime and others where there’s a link to this super moon, eclipse, in the wolf energy:

Indeed, as people ask that question I saw suddenly populating around many of you about three or four different lifetimes. So these are all lifetimes in which this phenomenon took place and you were living in different places upon the earth and different times in the time-space continuum of the earth. Indeed, some of you are in what you would call your future time because it’s all but a spiral.

The key for you to understand is that there are times when you may have lifetime after lifetime in which you live and express in a similar vibration. You may also see that some of these lifetimes that came up were the polar opposite. It was when you have the strength that you feel you do not have in this lifetime. It was when you have the ability to express that you might not feel in this lifetime and as I speak this I’m noticing more potentials are showing up for each one of you.

The energies will clear with your intention.  Be open to receiving any messages that you will benefit from knowing.  

Transform Through the Super Blood Moon Eclipse