Channeled Message

Let me give you a visual image of what I see when I am talking about this.  Dimensions naturally flow one to the next, to the next, to the next.  As you get to the higher dimension there is less delineation from one to the other.  Therefore, as you look at that swirling energy, sometimes it looks like it’s swirling in a circle, sometimes it’s a wave.  What that’s indicating is that these higher light dimensions merge together, each supporting the other, and each becoming a part of the whole. 

This is why as we’re looking at everyone within the All That Is this is giving you the opportunity, to not only expand your vibration in which you create in your life, but also to expand you.  To expand your consciousness.  To expand your opportunities.  To expand everything.  When you seek to clear the past or old energies you come to this space and it’s easier to clear.  You can do that in your everyday life or you can do it within your Higher Self.

Be in the Flow of Love