Channeled Message


Here we go~~~ another year and another decade completed!! 

This is a wonderful day for you to take stock of your life.  Reflect back not only at the beginning of this year but at the beginning of this decade. Consider if you will, what are the filters in your life?  Everyone looks at life through the experiences that they have had and these experiences create your interpretation.  You stand here on the threshold of not only a new year, but a new decade sot is a wonderful time to look inside, look at your perspective and affirm that which supports you and release what no longer serves you.  

This year of 2019 has been a challenge for many people because the energies put everything right in front of you to deal with. If you continue to stuff down what is bothering you it amplifies quite quickly. You need not look at every little thing in life; you need only have the intention of clearing out the old, clearing out your energy and prepare to step into the new with a clear focus and intention~~~