Bye bye~~  I always find the end of a year to be a time of deep transition.  I will find myself thinking about the year, considering what has happened, considering what did not!  I also at times need to remind myself to be gentle with ME!  It is so much a part of our ego to constantly analyze, think about, obsess over, judge whatever is going on in our lives. 

Today is a wonderful opportunity for you to truly clean out and let go of 2018.  As you clear out the past, take a moment to breathe deeply into your heart center and your solar plexus.  As you breathe down, have a clear intention that you clear out anything that no longer serves you be it emotional, belief systems, physical problems; no matter what it may be, bring up and release the old energies. 

Take a moment to reflect upon the successes that you had this past year.  For some people, these come up easily for them to list.  Remember, that you are being thoughtful and gentle with yourself so as you consider the successes of the past year truly honor all that you have accomplished.  You know, some years the accomplishment is that you survived!!!  

I thank you for sharing this past year with me and look forward to this new one coming up!!! 

Much love,