Channeled Message

Take a deep breath in breathing all the way down through you.  Allow your energy and focus to anchor within the Earth.  It’s as if you spread out.  As if those roots go out from you in many different directions anchoring you.  You then let that come back up through you and you send that breath of light; you send that breath of energy; it goes up through the top of your head until you come into the space of your Higher Self. 

For so many of you, this feels automatic.  This feels as if you are just there all the time.  This is your opportunity to make a very conscious expansion that goes from you the human to your Higher Self.  As you feel that expansion allow your energies to move out further.  You may feel as if you find that thread of energy and light that goes all the way up to your Divinity.  So from your Higher Self your consciousness just naturally flows into that space. 

Through this, you have access to huge potential and energy.