Channeled Message

I wanted to stay in the moment, just now, as we were clearing the energy.  However, I think it’s important for you to understand what I saw. As I spoke of forgiveness.  I could see multiple people that said ‘I don’t need to forgive anything, I don’t need to forgive myself, I don’t need to forgive anybody else’.  Yet I could see that within that belief that they didn’t need to forgive anything they were holding onto a more narrow perspective of things.  This is why when I went through clearing out that perspective or that belief that there’s nothing to forgive, there’s no need for me to go there, it really created a big transformation. 

So perhaps forgiveness is not the word that it needs to be.  Perhaps there is a different word, but it is a vibration that creates immense changes in your life.  This is why I invite you to just tap into the vibrations of forgiveness as a means of opening up a door.

Expanding Your Perspective