Channeled Message

I wish for you to know that it is essential to clear out your energy, to clear the energy of the room, to clear the energy of your work from time to time so that you don’t get pulled into things that really do not resonate with you.  So, take in a deep breath once more and feel as if you are pulling your energy together inside of you and then as you breathe out, ~whew~, just send that energy out from you. 

If it helps to have a visual then feel as if you are sending concentric circles of energy that move out from within your core and go out, and go out and out.  There we go immediately I could feel the difference in you so I thank you for working with me at the beginning here so that we may once more clear out that energy that is constantly trying to second guess your life.  So that you may be love and you may have love in whatever form most resonates with you.