We are here!  We have arrived!  Today is the day of the Solstice.  This is a day of opposites in balance with one another.  For some it is your longest day of the year; for others it’s the shortest. For some it’s a time of heat and others cold.  For some you seek to hibernate for others you explore the world around you. 

This solstice in particular is a powerful transformation.  The transformation is within ALL humanity.  Everyone has that portion of their energy that is awakening.  Most are conscious, however some are not.  It matter not, the growth and expansion takes place.  You are releasing a decade of transformation.  You are stepping into a new potential.  I invite you to take this day and honor you!  As you do so, you reach outwards honoring one another, the animals, Gaia; all aspects that create your world. 

Step into a new beginning!  Step into love.  Allow love to lead you the direction of your soul.  

I share great love with you,