Channeled Message

There are always those people that focus upon the negative and seem to bring you down when you are in their presence.  You, therefore, create, most likely unconsciously, a vibration that is in alignment with whatever it is that you allow your focus to be upon or if you are in the presence of certain people.  As that happens, it’s working with those patterns inside of you holding you back.  It’s working like little fish eating away at the other parts of you. 

Therefore, whenever you have an intention to be thankful in your life; thankful for no specific reason just the vibration of thankfulness; it becomes a counterbalance for all of those little nibbling things that are eating away and pulling you down.  You may choose whatever vibration resonates with you, perhaps as the vibration of love, perhaps as the vibration of appreciation or gratitude for thankfulness. 

A Thankful Vibration