Daily Message, December 14, 2021

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Channeled Message

Another thing that we see so many people talk about our relationships. I’m in a relationship but it’s stagnant. We’re not growing with one another anymore. I am not in a relationship with a partner, a significant other, and I would like to be. I would like to have a family, but right now I don’t have any children. The list goes on and on and on when it comes to relationships.

In any relationship begin with I love and honor myself and I bring that into every relationship that I have. As you look at relationships that are stagnant, what is stagnant within you. Are you expecting the other person to change to satisfy you? Are you blaming yourself because as yet you do not have the family that you seek? Therefore, as you consider relationships, phew~, clear out the energy. Breathe in breathing into your consciousness that unconditional love of God, of Source, of your own Divinity. Just breathe it within you. .  You may stand under the waterfall of this light for his long as you need to until you can look at every other relationship that you have through the eyes of love.

Love As A State of Being

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