Daily Message December 03, 2019

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Goddess Messages | 0 comments

Channeled Message

It may be very difficult to consider love for something that may have been a long-term illness, that may have been a huge problem in your life, that may have wreaked havoc on many different levels, but I asked you to take a moment and embrace love around this problem within your life.  As you embrace it, it is as if you take on that problem and you let it come down within your heart center.  As you do so the cells within your body begin to transform.  When you feel nothing but love for a problem that you may have in your life, maybe illness, may be in relationships, or manifesting something, and you’ve cleared out all of those human aspects to it you are now down to the foundation of why this is within your life.  You take a deep breath and feeling it as it moves ithin you. 

You Can Heal Your Life


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