Daily Message December 02, 2020

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Channeled Message

Since the time of Atlantis, so much of the consciousness of Earth has been about trying to take the spirituality out of the human.   It’s been about trying to get people to believe that there was nothing but this lifetime.  That there was nothing else.  Another aspect of that was a conscious thought process that was to suppress and beat down humanity.  When you look there have been waves and waves and waves of that, but in particular, in the last 120 years, this has been particularly at the forefront.  The way in which a small group of individuals were trying to suppress the majority until you are where you are now.  Which as people awaken and they realize that life is not what they thought it was.  That there is something more. 

And if you look straight at the individuals that would participate in a religious group some of them are understanding that there is a pathway that would help them to know that there is something more.  Other aspects of their religion or any of these religions were actually tools in which were used to suppress.

Your Perception….


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