Channeled Message

Take a breath in and open your heart: 

I am going to feather through each one of you.  I go through each one of your energy bodies clearing out the energy and helping you to have greater clarity about the situation.  So, we still see the situation although I ask you is it changing?  Having removed emotions.  Having removed beliefs.  What purpose has this problem in your life served for you and by that, I mean… 

I always have to laugh because when I say a question like that so many of these people say there’s no purpose to having all this pain and suffering in my life.  Okay I’m still going to use that word because it truly describes.  So what purpose does this serve?  Has it caused you to become a victim?  Has it caused you to look at life differently?  Has it caused you to slow down and think about your priorities?  Has it caused you to reconsider the way you are living your life?  Has it caused you to question your very existence? 

You Can Heal Your Life