Daily Message August 24, 2019

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Channeled Message

Take a couple of deep breaths and open to the alignment of your divinity:

As you are in this flow and in this space open up to the knowledge, the vibration, the essence of what your infinite life is about.  As you feel this flow from the infinite life of your Divinity, I invite you to open up and let that vibration of the crystalline essence, which is the higher dimensional vibrations that are coming into the Earth, amplify all that is within you.  ~whew~

Allow it to move through into every cell, not only within your consciousness but also every cell within your body, your energy bodies, your physical.  In doing so you are opening up to this next step, this next experience that is available to you.   Ah it feels beautiful, it feels deep, it feels sublime. 

As you consider your life and as I began this fine tuning getting ready to come to completion of a cycle what does your life look like to you now.  Is this integrating something new?

Infinity & the Lion’s Gate 

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