Daily Message August 23, 2019

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Goddess Messages | 0 comments

Channeled Message

As you consider the number eight, and as you consider anything that may be needed in order to bring this to completion, we will begin by asking ‘is it something that you might be ready to let go?’  Is it in your best interest to let it go and if so, ~whew~, let it go? 

Frequently what happens is that you are letting go the anger, frustration, the disappointment and now look at whatever you seek to have, and as we bring in the energy of the number eight, or that Infinity, open up and allow that to give you even more information.  This may be about something that is, throughout your infinite timeline, from your past lives.  If that has any sort of an influence upon this and if it is something that is holding you back, ~whew~, let it go.

If there is something from your past lives or something from that deep, deep, deep, essence of your Divinity that comes from the infinite let that amplify, enhance and fill in the spaces not only of what you seek, but of every part of your life. 

Infinity & the Lion’s Gate

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