Daily Message August 18, 2019

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Channeled Message

The Goddess of Creation speaks of the Vortex of Energy from the Lion’s Gate:

It is as if here in the All That Is you are very conscious of the vibration.  It’s the vibration that feels loving and supportive.  It’s a vibration that becomes a setting for other things to happen.  So, in some regards it’s neutral and as we are in the All That Is, I take you with me as we move into a space in which you see this Portal in front of you.

Now my perspective is it is like a big black hole.  Another perspective is as if you were looking at the Earth, and then the vibration from within the Universe that is associated with the Lions Gate is opening up and is allowing for more of that universal light to come.  Therefore, I invite you to not have any one particular way of aligning with this.  However, allow for multiple forms of information to be able to come into you. 

Infinity & The Lion’s Gate

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