Daily Message August 15, 2020

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Channeled Message

I invite you to take a deep breath and open to allow your conscious and your unconscious to move into this space: 

Okay, I’m creating in front of everybody a window that looks out at the universe. You see our beautiful planet of earth and you see the moon, the stars, the many planets that are within this galaxy and it is as if you are from the side looking towards it. One of the questions that I keep getting is, “How do we know, how do we truly know that any of these ETs or Star Beings are really here to help us and/ or are we all just figuring it out on our own?”

So look at the universe now and as if you are going inside and working with your inner eyes or some of you can see it clearly with your human eyes. We follow the universe coming down around the earth and what you see is there are many ships, some are going across the galaxy, some are stationed at different locations, some are going down into the earth. So, in other words, pay attention to all these many, many ships that contain the star beings and how they are physically moving in and around.

Love, Support and Your Frequency

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