Daily Message August 14, 2020

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Channeled Message

People can very often be their own worst critic. Are you harsh and judgmental about perhaps the decisions that you have made, about actions that you’ve taken, be it now or in the past? If so, allow just the vibration of love almost like it’s this soft, soothing wave to just merge with whatever that may be. In doing so you will have an opportunity for even more love to come into your life and then as you look outward how can you see the world through the eyes of love? How can you interact with that coworker thorough the eyes of love? How can love impact everything within your world? This is what I wish to speak about at the very beginning here because it is love that will ultimately integrate the next dimension, this higher dimension and it is what will transition all of the chaos out of here. It may come up in various forms and most likely the majority of people will not say “Love has transitioned this” but I ask you to be open to that potential to see if indeed that is exactly what happens.

Love, Support and Your Frequency





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