Daily Message August 12, 2019

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Channeled Message

The Goddess speaks of this from the All That Is, however, you can also tap into this energy and consideration from your conscious thought. 

Is there a particular, I’m trying to think of the word, is there a particular trade or knowledge that has been an ideal for you in this lifetime, that you either have been studying for, working towards but yet it seems as if there something missing. Look through that doorway and look at your divinity, ask to know, “have you looked at this before? Have you worked with this energy before? Do you have the answers already?” and as you do so, I’m seeing from many of you this like light that is illuminated within your divinity as if a part of you is standing up and saying “here I am, here is the knowledge that you seek” and then you reach out connecting with that vibration and it begins to flow into you. It flows within your heart center and it moves up and down through your body, in particular, though if you are learning or seeking information, we invite it to move through your mental body so that this knowledge and this information will be readily available to you as you look for it in this life.

The Doorway to Your Soul

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