The Lion’s Gate is OPEN!! 

What does that mean to you?  I hear all sorts of different perceptions for this day from it’s just a day, to the energies are powerful, to I’m really aligning with prosperity.  You don’t even need to focus upon what beliefs you may have to tap into these energies.  This is a powerful time in which you can focus upon your prosperity.  You can also look at your life and ask the question “when do I need to be fierce”? There are also some meteor showers taking place this week which amplifies these energies.  

I invite you to join  me in affirming:
I am open to receive abundance in all forms
I am aware of changes in my life and accept the change that helps me to move forward.
So much is changing within and around me, I am open to the flow.
I accept love! I accept potential! 

~~~You are loved~~~