Daily Message April 29, 2021

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Channeled Message

Look at the earth.  This time, truly look at the higher frequency and vibration.  As you do so if you have had any concerns about what is happening you see how much light and energy is present. So too look around the all that is look around at the many ships at the many, many benevolent ones that come both from other planets and the universe all are here working with you. And the planet of earth is becoming brighter and brighter illuminating all that is within and around. 

When you look through expanded consciousness it helps you to clear the lower frequency.

You can see it or sense it or feel it.  If there is something that comes across your awareness in your daily life and it begins to pull you down again remember this; there is so much light frequency available to the planet, available to all.

You may also have that perception of how easily the energy flows between the earth and these higher frequencies.  The all that is has multiple dimensions within it and you have the ability to flow, moving through those many, many dimensions.  It is your way of experiencing the ascension process.


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