Daily Message April 25, 2021

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Channeled Message

Here is another perspective of your life:

I now ask that as you are in your soul let us look specifically towards the earth plane and if there’s anything within your vibration or your frequency that has remained in the third dimension allow that to come up to your awareness.  Understanding it was simply the experiences of this lifetime and they served you at one point or another but they no longer serve you.  And so, you bring it up, you bring it up from wherever it may be ~whew~ and you let it go. 

There we go. Many of you I could feel like you were floating a little bit higher with doing that allow that white light of your soul to just fill in those spaces within you.  This time, specifically ask to see the essence of the fifth dimension and higher.  It is already here within your soul; it is already here supporting you!  Take this moment as you are immersed here within the divinity that is to let it just wash through your consciousness let it wash through all of you and it will flow through every single lifetime everything every single experience so that it transforms your soul essence.

You As Your Soul

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