Channeled Message

I love you! I love you dearly. You the humans choosing to live at this time upon the earth are the Trailblazers. You’re the ones who said, “I’ll go forth and be part of the change taking place upon the earth”. You are the ones who said, “Please allow me to step back into that human form so as to experience this Ascension process”. Many, many, many of you had no need to come back to the earth. You had gone through your many, many cycles and you had shifted off of the earth and you were done.

However, when the call went out, probably about 100 years ago or so in your linear time frame there were many of you who said, “I will go”, “Let me go”, “I want to be the one”.

I feel sure there are many of you resonating with that same energy and vibration. This has not been in vain. We are accomplishing what we seek to accomplish. There is more taking place than what you realize.

Were you called? 

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