Channeled Message

However, I did want to also share that when you are working with vibration indeed because you go deep and you go beneath all of the energy that you might usually work with when you are manifesting it can bring that into your life, very, very quickly. It can bring it into your life without you first preparing for it just as the butterfly has to go to the whole process of coming out so that it’s wing can then support it.

Society has been trained that by going step by step by step through a particular experience you’re building up what you need to have within your life so that you can live that life. As you work with the vibration you might be skipping some of those steps because you go straight into the core or the essence of what you seek to have and then as it manifests very quickly for you, you may think “I’m not ready what do I need to do, what’s going to be my next step?”

The Vibration of Acceptance