Daily Message April 09, 2020

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Channeled Message

So that part is pretty much on board with the many other illnesses and viruses that move through the world. You look at the way society is reacting to this one; closing down events, closing down borders, closing down restaurants, schools, airlines, travel, in other words, there is this sense of something that is blanketing the whole entire world that is kind of closing down and bringing everyone down into something that keeps not only people from being in communication with one another or physically located in groups of people but it is also about the reaction that people are having.

Some will say if this had been done during the time of Sars and the time or the avian flu perhaps there would not be as many fatalities as they had during those viruses. Indeed, it’s entirely a potential.

We can only look at where we are now; which is a time when the entire earth has taken a time out. Even if it is stressful, I hope that you will have the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. 

Releasing Fear


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