Daily Message, April 04, 2021

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Happy Easter!

Today is the day when Jesus ascended as his physical body.  This actually has many different meanings and what I reference is for all of humanity not only those who are Christians. Others besides Jesus have also ascended, but this is particularly important because it has been so publicized and not forgotten for over two thousand years. 

Ever since December 21, 2020, the Earth completed its ascension process.  The Earth as Gaia has been moving into this higher vibration or higher frequency for many thousands of years because it is ever-changing. If you consider Gaia as the foundation for all of the world, it is a way of considering how our foundation is now anchored in the higher vibration.  That being said, it is now up to humanity to complete the physical aspect of ascension and we are doing it!! We are not where we are going to be, but we are making significant strides. 

Easter represents when Jesus ascended after his death and he showed us that it could be done with his physical body, full consciousness, and full knowledge.  There are many who tap into their ascended vibration yet remain in the lower frequency due to aspects of their lives or perhaps their physical body. 

I, therefore, invite you to make a choice that you too will ascend into the higher frequency and you too will open to the higher consciousness, light and love that is represented by the fifth dimension.  Take a deep breath in so that you may center and then set the intention that you are open to love, open to balance and acceptance. 

I send you love, light and joy from I the Goddess and all who are working with you from this vibration! 


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