Daily Message April 03, 2020

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Channeled Message

As I speak of this one of the things or the perspective that comes through is that time and time again you have that sense that you have done something and redone something and done it again and again, and in that continuous experience, you are feeling the now moment.  As humans, as I mentioned in the beginning, sometimes you anticipate that something is going to be a struggle or have the belief system that if it is not a struggle there is less value.  These are all truths as long as you accept that it is the truth.

Where within the Divinity can you tap into in this now moment that gives you the complete trust and belief within yourself, and the complete acknowledgment that you are amazing, you have done this, and you got it.  Open up in all parts of who you are, your physical, your mental body, your emotions.  Open up in everything that you know, that you accept, and acknowledge that you are receiving this insight, or programming, or acceptance, whatever it is that makes sense to you. 

You can create a permanent change in your life; you can move in a new direction if you so choose. 

Reprogram Your Consciousness

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