We have worked with the Goddess of Creation multiple times on creating the relationships that most support us and others. This is again, one of those meditations.  However, we are now fully into the crystalline energies and the higher frequency of the 5th dimension.

We as humans are naturally drawn to relationships.  I don’t believe that we are intended to be 100% alone.  Some people may prefer more solitude than others, however, there generally is some time or another when it is important to work with others, depend on others, or just be there for others as they may be there for you. 

During this meditation, while we were in the All That Is, there were several primary segments.  During the first, the Goddess had us work with whoever came to you.  I noticed for some it was the immediate family, for others, it was a group, perhaps at work, still another I could tell it was a teacher with her classroom.  This was about clearing past experiences and creating a new intention.  The 2nd experience was those people that you have a really hard time letting go.  Perhaps they are your immediate family, but it was harder to clear the energies and there were many cords to cut.  Lastly, it was about each person looking at past lives and clearing out any old connections that were holding them back.  

This is a very powerful meditation that will give you the tools to clear relationships that no longer work for you.  This does not always mean getting rid of the person, it means changing the relationship.  

In the 5th dimension, relationships will be more transparent and your intention will be very clear for all to see or sense.  Here is a beginning. 

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