We have worked with the Goddess of Creation multiple times on creating the relationships that most support us and others. This is again, one of those meditations.  However, we are now fully into the crystalline energies and the higher frequency of the 5th dimension.

We as humans are naturally drawn to relationships.  I don’t believe that we are intended to be 100% alone.  Some people may prefer more solitude than others, however, there generally is some time or another when it is important to work with others, depend on others, or just be there for others as they may be there for you. 

During this meditation, while we were in the All That Is, there were several primary segments.  During the first, the Goddess had us work with whoever came to you.  I noticed for some it was the immediate family, for others, it was a group, perhaps at work, still another I could tell it was a teacher with her classroom.  This was about clearing past experiences and creating a new intention.  The 2nd experience was those people that you have a really hard time letting go.  Perhaps they are your immediate family, but it was harder to clear the energies and there were many cords to cut.  Lastly, it was about each person looking at past lives and clearing out any old connections that were holding them back.  

This is a very powerful meditation that will give you the tools to clear relationships that no longer work for you.  This does not always mean getting rid of the person, it means changing the relationship.  

In the 5th dimension, relationships will be more transparent and your intention will be very clear for all to see or sense.  Here is a beginning. 

Creating New Relationships

Nama Sika, Venia Benya          I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I want to take a moment to speak about Nama Sika. Nama Sika is I AM the one, Venia Benya I AM the whole. This is a phrase that I brought forth a very, very long time ago as a means of creating the community in which you communicate. And then every time we get together for one of these meditations, it’s a way of assisting each one of you with being focused inside of you and then connecting to one another.

When people make changes in their lives, they can sometimes feel as if they are all alone. In particular, the ascension process has been about releasing lower frequency, be it actions, be it relationships, be it a job, perhaps. And in releasing that, you change your vibration and frequency so that as you look out, something new comes available to you.

As you consider this opportunity, think about those relationships that are closest to you in this now moment. I noticed for many of you, just names go through your mind. I notice for others it’s as if that person is now sitting there with you, within your space. Which is a reflection that some perceive through your emotions and some perceive through your mental body. No judgment, simply a discernment so that you may be more aware of how you receive information.

As you consider your closest relationships. Take a moment, how does it feel to you? Is it nurturing and loving? Does it help you feel light and expanded? Everyone living on the planet intrinsically is seeking relationships. There are many people that do prefer to be by themselves; be it living their entire life, be it working, be it at home. But even with them, there are certain times when a relationship is important, even if it’s for work or supplies or whatever.

The reason I bring this up while we’re still here in this space is because relationships are very important to you and also because this is a wonderful opportunity for you to understand what it might mean to you and in the choices that you make.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Allow those relationships to take a step away from you, so that you may now focus and balance within. 

As you breathe into your heart center, we’re creating a ball of light. This ball of light swirls within your heart center, it may pick up green, pink another color. But as you focus, you can visualize it swirling there’s a forward, a backward, an expansion outward. Simply let yourself feel what that is to you. In most of you, I can feel your heart growing larger.

From that ball of energy, envision a stream of light that goes down through your solar plexus, into your sacral center, your root center, and then down into the earth. Expand this energy in every direction. As you do so, you are anchoring your physicality into the earth. You are reaching out with energy to receive the flow of love and light that comes to you from Gaia. Let all of that be present, and then come back up through that chord and let it swirl within your heart.

And as you focus on what that feels like inside of you, can you feel yourself just sinking down into wherever it is that you may be sitting or lying? As you feel the earth grounding you, in this now moment. You send another beam of light that goes up through your throat, goes through your third eye, the crystalline energy body, and your head center; and from there, it goes straight up until you align with your higher self.

As you connect within this space have a sense of looking around. Some may look around and feel something, some may see images, allow your higher self to align with your consciousness so that you can know whatever it is that would support you in your everyday life. For some, if this place is cluttered, whew~~ send through a flow of energy to clear it out. Many of you are already accustomed to doing that, and so you clear out this space on a consistent basis.

You then send the remainder of your consciousness. It continues up, it follows a thread of energy and light. In doing so, it goes directly into your divinity. This allows your consciousness to merge with your soul. As you do so, most can feel their energies expanding outward because your soul is so much bigger than your higher self, than you, the person you are, then even the consciousness that makes up who you are.

Take a moment as you’re in this space of the soul plane to look around. This is an opportunity to look at other lifetimes. You may see them sporadically spaced. And it gives you an idea of what may be a part of your consciousness right now. For some, it may seem blank, for others, it may be quite crowded. Put forth a clear intention that everything is cleared out except what is important for you to know at this time.

I can see it. For so many of you, there are sometimes three to four life experiences that are clustered around you. Simply make note, and then allow yourself to disconnect. I, the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you that are here. I reach out and embrace you. I embrace you as the personality, the consciousness of this lifetime. I also see you as you truly are within your divinity. And as our energies merge together, we shift, moving into the All That Is.

Look around at this space. As each one of you is standing, sitting, occupying, that space which is yours for creation, I invite you to consider relationships. What first pops up for people are some of the people that are in your life right now. As you look at whoever that may be, ask to have a clear perception of this relationship.

Some questions to consider, is there a balance of give and take with this individual? When you spend time with them, do you feel uplifted? Is there a connection or communication even when you are not physically together? And then lastly, how important is this relationship to you? As you consider this individual and what I noticed some of you had a whole family. Others of you had, like your coworkers. I saw one that I had a perception was a teacher and her whole classroom. So, whatever it is that comes up for you just consider those questions. If there is any sort of an imbalance in regards to one of those questions then take a moment, consider whatever that may be, ~whew~ Clear it out.

Sometimes you get stuck in a particular energy and even though you want to make changes, you continuously come back to that energy that is holding you still. So, if that is the case, then focus on whatever that may be, bring up whatever hooks, cords, energy attachments ~whew~ And let it go.

Now, as I look at you and that individual or group, it is as if there is much greater clarity. They can see you with all of your light and energy, just as you can see them with their light and energy. It feels better, does it not? Put forth an intention that you create a new alignment with this individual or group in which you are each supported at that higher, lighter frequency.

This is how you transition the relationships within your life. You can now go person to person, group to group whatsoever it is that you choose to do. Now then, if this does not resonate with you, then you can continue with whatever it is you choose to work on because there were others that when they brought up certain relationships. They were unable to get past the old energy. When they looked at this individual or felt their presence, it felt heavy it felt controlling. So, if this is your case, then first and foremost, open your own energy and bring in more of your divinity, more of your light, more of who you are. As you consider this individual or group, then make sure that you remove any cords or hooks that may be associated or connected into you. ~whew~  Let them go.

You may need to do that a time or two until you’re able to align with that person without those old, heavy, deep energies. Now then, if once you disconnect and you continue to look at that individual or look at that relationship, it may be it’s time to let it go. And if this is something that you perhaps have known in your unconsciousness, and it’s just now coming forward, then be open, loving, and gentle with yourself to understand that perhaps it’s time to let that relationship go so that you can move on in your spiritual journey.

Take a moment, as you continue to work with the energy of releasing until you find that that person or group is now completely disconnected from you. And then bring in or bring down even more of your own divinity. You may begin to feel how you can now expand in a way that you were not able to. You may now see with greater clarity. How that relationship was not in your best interest, nor were you in their best interest. As you let it go, in many of your cases, you’re understanding this is what you unconsciously knew needed to take place, and now is the time for greater realization.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As these different instances that are a means of connecting with or looking at relationships continue to work through, you may stay in that space or come back as often as you so choose. There is now a third perspective that I invite you to bring forth at this time. When you were aligned within your divinity in the Soul Plane some of you were able to perceive other lifetimes or other existences that were close to the perception of where you are right now. If there is anything in a past lifetime or what might be considered a parallel lifetime, or what might be considered a future lifetime, that is vibrating in that frequency that no longer supports you. Then tap into those experiences, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up from wherever it may be ~whew~ Clear it out.

There are many of your other lifetimes that clear out easily with that, which tells you that you’ve already been in the process, of healing, or absorbing or releasing whatever that lifetime was about. In this now moment, ask to have, make or ask to make known to you here in the All That Is, if there’s anything that is important for you to understand or know; be it from this lifetime or any other.

This may come to you as an inner knowing. It may come to you as an emotional response. Howsoever, you receive this information, be open to understand whatever that message may be. If there’s anything left within that lifetime or that experience allow it to come up, you bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ And clear it out.

What I notice as I look at each one of you is that everybody has shifted their frequency to a higher vibration. I also notice that it is as if there is a sparkling energy or a vibrancy that makes itself known to you. It brings up a sense of joy, laughter, excitement!  Allow that to move through you and integrate even more deeply within you.

There was the solar eclipse that took place just yesterday and that was an alignment that really amplified and expanded the energies of relationships and the energies of perception within you. We invite the energy of that eclipse to come forward and be present, shining or pulsating that frequency into each one of you. You may see it as the image that it looked like. You may simply know that we are still here in that powerful energy of it, and it pulsates within you. You are now able to discern even more of your own frequency, not only because you have cleared and healed current relationships, but past lifetimes. You can of course go much more deeply and spend more time with this. I am but giving you a platform or an experience that you may work within if you so choose.  Be here, be present, be available in your own life.

As you consider moving forward, what would you like to manifest? In regards to perhaps relationships, perhaps your work, perhaps where you live. Now is the perfect time to put it forth. So that you may then begin the process of manifesting. The open clarity is your first step. It is also important to understand that anything in transition will change. It will flow, it will evolve, it is here for you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you gather in that circle, you are each not only integrating even more deeply within you, but you are sharing that with the group that comes together. It is not only those of you on the teleconference, but angels, light beings, the consciousness of those that may not be fully aware that they are here. And it all creates this circle that as you look at it, it is just a pulsating light because each of you are shining forth as your light energy.

You see coming up within this, the hologram of the earth, you see how the Earth has been transitioning. Be open that your perception you may pick up on something that you can help to transition. You may notice something that needs your light and energy to infuse within it.

So begin to just send a pulsation from you into the hologram that is about higher frequency relationships. About finding balance within your life. So that you can move forward with greater ease. There is an aspect that goes out from this hologram into the universe creating a balance or transition. The remainder goes down into the Earth plane. It continuously clears out whatever may be within the collective consciousness. It goes down even further into the core of the earth. It integrates with the rocks, the crystals, the energy, and then it comes outward.

From within the core, it comes up. Through all the many layers of the earth, it comes up within you, your own transition through that cord that has you anchored into Gaia. You feel yourself once more coming back down within your physicality. You can allow that energy that flows back through your soul plane, down through your higher self and back into you in this now moment. And as you do so, take a moment to balance. Take a moment to consciously clear out whatever it is that you released in the All That Is. Consciously bring down within you all of these transitions and new potentials about how your relationships may be. Bring down what you seek to manifest so that all not only creates a new reality for you, but gives that opportunity to anyone else on the Earth plane. That is seeking something like it.

Beloved family, family is what this meditation is all about. The family of soul, the family of your biology, the family of friendship the family of community. Everyone on earth is there to experience life through its many, many, many different layers and forms. And your relationships are the foundation of all of that. So be open to know that the very first relationship is the one within you, for you and then every relationship from there moves out. The more that you are integrated and balanced, the more that is reflected in all of these relationships around you.

Beloved, there is only love. At the end of the day. So let love be the light that guides you from within and shining forth.