This is our second channel of 2023.  For the first channel, the Goddess spoke about the year being one of movement.  This very next channel will take you straight into the process of creating your life.

When we were in the All That Is, the Goddess began by asking us to speak about what we see as we look at our lives.  Most people will see their lives as, things happening, I also think that most people have a list or multiple things that they are trying to manifest.  As we were in the All That Is, we could look at our lives. I had a sense of four sections in front of each person.  The first on the far left was alignment with ourselves between our perception and soul.  The next from the left was what is pulling us down.  In this, we were able to look at what needs to be nurtured and loved as a means of clearing it. Once cleared, it merged with the left side and expanded the love, compassion, and alignment.

The next segment was influenced from the outside.  This is a HUGE key to meditation.  What feels like it is controlling your life or has more influence than your own. You may have situations beyond your control.  However, you can change your response.  The Goddess took us through several scenarios and encouraged us to change either our thoughts or our actions.  So even in situations where you might feel out of control, you can change the way you think about the situation or the way you respond.

This is very powerful and will give you some specific ideas to create changes.

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