This is our second channel of 2023.  For the first channel, the Goddess spoke about the year being one of movement.  This very next channel will take you straight into the process of creating your life.

When we were in the All That Is, the Goddess began by asking us to speak about what we see as we look at our lives.  Most people will see their lives as, things happening, I also think that most people have a list or multiple things that they are trying to manifest.  As we were in the All That Is, we could look at our lives. I had a sense of four sections in front of each person.  The first on the far left was alignment with ourselves between our perception and soul.  The next from the left was what is pulling us down.  In this, we were able to look at what needs to be nurtured and loved as a means of clearing it. Once cleared, it merged with the left side and expanded the love, compassion, and alignment.

The next segment was influenced from the outside.  This is a HUGE key to meditation.  What feels like it is controlling your life or has more influence than your own. You may have situations beyond your control.  However, you can change your response.  The Goddess took us through several scenarios and encouraged us to change either our thoughts or our actions.  So even in situations where you might feel out of control, you can change the way you think about the situation or the way you respond.

This is very powerful and will give you some specific ideas to create changes.

Create Your Life Through Choices
January 15, 2023

 Nama Sika, Venia Benya          I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I flow my love from my heart into yours. I bring into this now moment the love and the light of God and Goddess the love and the light of your Soul, of the universal light.

You are here, living your days. Some days may be harder than others, some days may be as if you are on a vacation and just chill and relaxing.  Allow this moment to be where your focus is upon.

As Shelly spoke of your breathing, you can follow every breath as it literally moves through your body and into every cell within your body.  When the cells in your bloodstream become illuminated with light, they create a healing space within you. Sometimes those cells are associated with your thought process, with your mental body, or with your emotions. Again, breathing in that light and that energy or that essence allows you to illuminate old belief systems, stuck emotions, whatever it may be that keeps you going around and around and around in that circle.

This is the year when movement is going to become easier for you. This is the year where it may be that more comes up to your awareness and then more is able to be released.  This is the year to look at your life differently. If you have had chronic problems. Begin to manifest a new reality in which you let go of the chronic problems. Perhaps you’re letting go of the story, perhaps you’re letting go the pain, perhaps you’re letting go of whatever it is that has kept that around you going around and around and around.

This is the year to acknowledge those things that you perhaps have wanted to do but felt they were too far out, it wasn’t the right time, there was something holding you back.  Allow the flow and the love and the light to just move out from you and look through new eyes at your reality.  It is actually kind of exciting is it not?

I invite you to take a deep breath going back into your heart center, that is the energy body around your physical heart. As you tap into it feel that flow and that movement of what that may be. As your heart is filled with this light and love you begin to tap into the pulsation of your heartbeat and as you tap into your heartbeat, you’re also tapping into the energy field that surrounds the heart but is totally intrinsic within the heart.

You allow a stream of energy to move from within that alignment that you have just created that it may go down through your your solar plexus, your root Center, and go all the way down into the Earth.  Feel as your energy expands in different directions as it anchors you.  Feel what it is to have this connection to Gaia that allows you to have movement up and down within you.

You let that come back up within you. You send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head Center, and it goes out until you connect with your higher self.  Look around at this space.  Can you tell a difference since you have begun to transition your energy?  Do you have more of the senses that are working with you and for you as you look around at this space? Wow, it’s always a good idea to breathe through, clearing out that energy, and see what remains of this space.

There may be certain manifestations that you are in the process of creating and they may remain populated here around you. You may also observe new and different ways in which you can manifest.  This is where you have opportunities to tap into what you may not consciously be aware of at this moment.  So, allow it all to flow within you.

You send your energy even further up you follow that stream of light that connects you with your divinity. As you do so, you find that you merge immediately with your Soul Essence.

What perceptions come to you about your divinity at this time?  are you able to observe it for what it is? Are you able to discern multiple different aspects of you that may be showing themselves? Are you able to feel that unconditional love that comes within your soul or is your soul that now comes within you in your physical reality?

Be Who You Are! Take away any blinders that may keep you wrapped up and make you less than.  As you look around, just feel this essence as it moves through you.  When you struggle in your everyday life, and everyone does at one point or another, this is the unconditional love of your soul it’s here, it’s present for you.

You may always tap into it. It is always there for you no matter what.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out and I merge my energies with yours, I embrace you shining forth, mirroring who you are as your soul. As our energies blend, we move into the All That Is.

Open your Consciousness to look at what you have here in front of you. Tonight the perception I have is that each one of you has projects as you’re calling them, that are happening within your life.  As you look at what these projects may be, let us begin with the question: is there something that needs to be healed?

As you ask that question, while here in the All That Is, it may be that certain life existences pop up for you as if to say ‘here’s something let me look at this’. What does this mean? perhaps this needs more love and support or perhaps this is something that you need to just break a pattern and let it go.

Feel all of this love and this light, let go of those patterns. Phew~ What I notice for many of you is that as you let go of those patterns it is as if it opened up a door and inside of that is a part of you that is just crying out for love and support. Perhaps you are well aware or perhaps this has been buried within you. So let us take a moment and as if you are reaching out to whatever this pain, sorrow, fear; whatever it may be have a sense of bringing it as if into your arms and just feel love.

So often you give yourself a hard time because you have a certain expectation and as you just feel love and compassion for yourself, let go of that expectation, allow your focus and your energy to just transition whatever it is because you are simply flowing love. Whew, Shelly could feel a lot of emotion coming up through this perhaps in part for her, perhaps she’s picking it up from you, if it makes you feel emotional just let it go.  Allow the emotions to flow so that you may be in that balanced alignment with whatever that was.

I have a sense that for some of you this is an opportunity to just breathe into your heart center once more and as you’re holding whatever this is in your arms take an opportunity to just bring up anything at all that no longer serves you you allow it to come up within you and phew~ let it go.

For those that have released or let go of whatever that may be, you then bring in feeling the love and the nurturing of whatever that situation may be because you’ve let go of any hindrances that you may have had.

Can you now feel the way all of your energy is transitioning? Because this is opening you to a greater flow from your Soul Essence. As you look back to that space where you first of all released whatever it was that prompted this phase two is it still there but has now evolved? Or is it completely gone and what You released completely gone and in place of it just a huge well of love?

Breathe in and you breathe out.

Every breath that you take in you are breathing in love. Look beside that area here in the All That Is and what next comes to your awareness?  For some it is those perhaps experiences, perhaps people, perhaps a job, perhaps a home; those things that you have been seeking to manifest that seemed just out of reach. Do you have a new perception?

When your energies are caught up and you begin to get that narrow vision, you don’t always see where opportunities may be coming your way.  Therefore, this is a wonderful time that you can make an open perception and open awareness of what this is.  What is coming up to my awareness is that sometimes with some of you, you made a goal for yourself at some point in your past and you’re still saying I want that goal I want to manifest whatever that is.

However, as you’re looking at this through the light of your soul through the light of the Divine is it still there? Is it truly what you want or is it a habit that you’ve been thinking about for perhaps years or months?  Allow your awareness to connect with whatever that may be and let’s just take a moment to release it.

What I’m noticing for many of you is that it was almost as if it was inside a box because as you’ve released this all of that love and compassion just flows into this space. So as if you remove any blinders, you remove any preconceived notions, look again.  What does it feel like to consider something you wish to manifest without any of that frustration or anger or disappointment that it’s not worked as yet? Do you still want what you believed you always wanted?

For some of you it may be that yes you still want the same thing but actually let’s turn it sideways, turn it upside down, let’s consider a better way in which to manifest what you seek.  The wonderful thing about working with your soul, with your divinity, with all of you in this now moment; is that you can literally change your reality.  You can change it in such a way that, that which seemed impossible is now possible.  That, that which seemed to be just an anchor pulling you down is now gone.  You may also find that you’re shifting your energy up into a higher vibration. This is you creating your life.

As I say that, I can feel or sense some of you saying ‘I do not have that kind of control over my life I’m just following along while other people make the rules.  If I were creating my life I would certainly not create this pain’ is another one that I’ve heard.

There are many activities or actions that you may be in the process of experiencing right now, within your life.  It’s coming in from an outside source.  It’s coming in from a place that you have no control over. So, this is where you begin to recognize that the ways in which you Empower yourself is your reaction.  You can choose the perception that this outside force has all the control and you’re a puppet just having your strings pulled.

Or you can understand that there are outside situations that are creating a reality in your life, how are you going to respond?  If you take your power from within you then you respond to this situation in a way of your choosing.  I hear you, I understand there are many of you that say ‘I have no choice I can only do what I’m doing’.  If that’s the case, then honor yourself that you are doing the very best that you can and that is your choice in this now moment.  In all things honor love and respect yourself.

These are the ways in which you transition your perception. Even in this now moment for those of you that felt totally powerless; choose the perception of the situation.  I still feel some of you struggling, so perhaps your perception is ‘in this now moment, I am caught up in a situation where all I can do is show up and be present.  It’s not what I want to do, it’s not where I want to be, but I’m here’. So, take on the choice that you are there in this now moment.  You see the change.

Sometimes the perception of ascension is that everything always comes to you in a positive way, that is always supportive. That is not always the case. There are times when things come to you in a very hard or perhaps painful way and you’re choosing to take from it whatever you need to take from it, but not give away your power is how you move through to the other side of that experience and you are strengthened.  Just sit with that for a moment.

Look around at the other things that are here in the All That Is. Look around at what you were clearing out before, and this time hold to you the knowledge that you can choose your reaction. You can choose your pathway.  You can choose your life.  In every single one of you, I see this breaking away. For some it’s the foundation that’s been built upon for a very long time. For others, it’s just breaking away that energy that no longer serves you.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

So, look at the All That Is and perhaps clear it out once more.  And then see what trickles down into your consciousness.  For some of you, I see a strength and a perseverance that before you would not allow yourself to feel.  For some of you I feel a settling in of your truth.  I accept my truth; I understand what my truth means to me.  There are others that look at this and say I am way more powerful than I realized.  Howsoever you look at this situation honor and respect yourself and allow love and light to flow within you.

The All That Is changes because of the work that you are doing. This is how you are choosing your life. This is how you create what you wish to do or have or experience and it is always transitioning.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you allow your energies to flow, take a moment to look at one another and truly see who everyone is within this space. As you see them and honor them for who they are, they see you and honor you for who you are. This is how you support one another as a community.

That column of light comes up within the center.  Within that, you see the Hologram of the Earth.  Observe the ways in which the Earth has been transitioning. You can see more light within the Earth, you can see more flow and movement within the Earth, and you are sending within, your own choice of how you are creating your life.

The Hologram takes on all that energy, it rotates, it sparkles, it is filled with light.  There is an aspect of that that goes out within the universe, going to those ships and those planets that are supporting the Earth.  The remainder flows down within the Earth.

As it goes through that energetic grid, it clears out the old energy, it goes into the center of the earth anchoring within those crystals, anchoring within the essence of Gaia. Then it comes upward it comes through every layer, creating a balanced energy and flow.  You can feel it coming up within yourself, coming up within that anchor that you have in Gaia. You can feel this essence of Who You Are.

You allow the remainder of your consciousness to flow back down within you.  As you feel it coming within, you may need to expand your energy field so that it opens up a little bit more fully.  You still feel the anchoring within you for all of your own transitioning, for the way in which you have created this life.

Consider if you will this journey that we have experienced tonight. It’s about understanding yourself. It’s about understanding where you were, that led to where you are, that is opening to what you may be or where you may go.

When you begin to look at your life understanding that you have the free will to make choices, you have the ability to change your perception. That in turn creates the ability for you to just look at life through a whole new Spectrum as a brand new opportunity, as a way of just expressing Who You Are.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.