Through channeling, I’ve worked with energy in many, many different ways.  I have also had a number of different experiences of my own when it comes to past lives and their effect upon me.  This is a bit of a long story, but you might find it interesting.

One very interesting experience I had actually unfolded over several days.  I went hiking and to stay in the North Georgia Mountains one summer and I was drawn to a particular waterfall that had cottages and tepee’s for camping.  Once I was settled in I climbed to the top of the waterfall.  Interesting side note – I found myself following a path different than what was laid out for people. 

As I got to the top of the falls I was looking at the rocks, the water, the mountains and just taking in and enjoying the space.  I realized that most likely I had lived in the area as a Cherokee native two hundred or so years ago.  As I was looking at the stream and rocks I saw a young man come walking out of the trees across the stream looking angry and menacing. I knew immediately this was a vision from the past and not someone who was threatening me in this lifetime.  I sat quietly taking in his energy and when he noticed me he stopped and we looked at each other.  He was strong and healthy but one arm was grossly misshapen and he was unable to use it.

I realized as we communicated that he was very bitter because he was considered flawed and his people had actually left him to die as an infant because he was born with this defect.  Turns out a trapper found him, took him home and raised him.  This trapper while not a mean person was withdrawn, did not show affection and rarely communicated.  This young man had met a woman from a nearby town who wanted to marry him but his heart was shut down and he held her off. 

The next day I went back to the same place and again, there he was.  This time I saw the young woman with him; pleading with him and expressing her love.  I could see he cared a great deal, but he did not think himself good enough.  I flowed love and compassion to both of them hoping they would resolve their issues.

On the third day, I was back once more because I felt there was unfinished business and FINALLY it all dawned on me.  I was that man in that lifetime!!  As the man in that lifetime, I was shut down for the reasons I mentioned.  My lesson was about opening my heart in THIS lifetime.  It happens I was going through a huge shift and had been stuck for a month or more.

As I took in all their information – the trapper who cared for him but didn’t know how to show or express it, the young man who ‘looked different’ and therefore felt less than and the woman who saw beyond all that loved the person he was; I knew all of this was my message. At the time I was wondering could I really channel the Goddess and other high light beings? Could I really open my heart to the love as I needed to so as to allow in a higher vibration? Could I allow love into my life?

I felt as if my heart just cracked open and all this pain and suffering just poured out of me! I cried, I raged, I cleared energies for myself in this lifetime and the one in the past.

When I finally calmed down I once more looked across the stream.  I was shocked to see the two of them embracing.  They looked at me and the young man was filled with peace and a gentle love as he held the hand of his mate. They thanked me, then turned and walked away. 

This is when I realized just how interconnected we are with our current and past lives. I know it was a permanent change for him and allowed him to live a different potential.  Time is non-linear, so this clearing truly changed his life and it changed the energies of my life through clearing out a stuck energy from within my divinity.

Our divinity, our I AM presence, our God Source is us made up of all these many, many lifetimes.  Some of them create burdens or hurdles and others support and help us in this lifetime.    

We are in a very unique time in our history.  We have the ability to change our lives be it by clearing the past or the choices we are now making. I invite you to consider this for your own life.  Where do you feel you are going in circles over and over?  What feels as if it’s a burden you can’t let go?  There are so many ways that your soul is communicating with you and helping. 

You can clear your past lives through the Akashic records or your soul.  Sometimes the Akashic may be too generalized or you may be part of a group energy.  When you link through your divinity it is always you as your soul. This is one way to receive this information, however, I work with many people and even myself where I am able to see past lives immediately and the many ways in which they connect.  We can clear them immediately also. 

I have meditations to help with this and I have worked in the free teleconference many times with accessing the Akashic or your soul.  Most recently on October 21, 2018 we worked through the soul to release old energies. 

Please share with me your experiences with clearing the past! We can all learn and support one another.