When I was choosing a title for this channel, this name, Cleared for Ascension, just jumped into my mind! It made me laugh then because I felt like I was on a plane ready to take off!! In effect, we all are.  We are all seeking to create change in our lives. We are all seeking to live in a higher light frequency.  If there is anything that is holding you back, this channel will assist with clearing it.

I also mentioned at the end of the channel that the last comment given to us by the Goddess summed it all up.  Love; all can be transformed; any amount of acceptance can be accomplished through love.  During this journey while in the All That Is, the Goddess asked everyone the question.  Has your life turned out the way you thought it would?  I believe for most people, it has been different.  That is not to say that is a bad thing; it is simply that anticipation creates an expectation. Many people will become sad, disappointed, angry, resentful, or many other emotions when that doesn’t manifest. During this meditation, you have a chance to release what has not supported you.  You may also have a greater perception of why your life is as it is.  The best way to clear the past is through love. That love will be from you as your soul and then reflected outward to others in your life.

Ascension is about accepting what is happening in life without judgment. You do not have to be perfect, you need only be loving and accepting of yourself and others.

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