It seems as if our reality is a frequent topic from the Goddess of Creation.  In the last several conferences she has spoken of this in different ways.  In creating our reality many things come into context: our physical, emotional and mental bodies.  So too there is a great deal about our existance of which we are unconscious.  We also have the influence of our divinity as we look at our lives.  All of this creates many layers and levels of awareness.

During this channel the Goddess created a space in the All That Is that allowed everyone to ‘see’ their lives and discern where the greater influence was coming from.  So often people become influenced by what’s in the media, friends and family plus the energy that flows through the collective consciousness. This channel gives you the opportunity for greater discernment of where your influencers are located.  Once you know, you can clear out the old energy and patters so as to integrate a new awareness.  In this way, you can create a change that supports you, helping you to feel more balanced and aware.

The foundation for your life is based in your divinity, therefore the expansion of and integration of your divinity will assist with greater balance in your life.  You DO have choices.  You ARE in a position to create whatever you would like in your life.


Nama sika, Venia benya    I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you wherever you are in your life.  Wherever you are with whatever may be taking place; be it in your emotions your thoughts your beliefs your physical reality.

You as humanity have a very complex reality around you.  Your reality is created by the emotions that you feel.  It is created by the situations in which you find yourself.  It can be created by your thoughts and your beliefs.

So it is no one thing that creates the reality.  It is instead all the many levels of consciousness and awareness.  So too coming on the heel of that are all those unconscious energies that have to do with you either manifesting or not manifesting.  With you having a knee jerk reaction to something.

This is why when I look at humanity not only do I marvel at the amazing life opportunities that each of you have, but also at the way in which those opportunities play out for you in your reality.  One of the first things that I always like to say when I come in to a situation or a conversation about this is to invite you to be gentle with yourself.  To be loving with yourself.

Sometimes I will hear people say that they are their own worst critics or that they can hear their mother, their father, their teacher; someone in the back of their mind saying something that has become a programming.  These are all of the ways in which you can get disconnected from what is your true reality for who you are.

You are an amazing human being.  You are choosing to be upon the earth at this time, where the transformation taking place is something that is affecting many different dimensions of consciousness.  It’s affecting many different realities and you always have the ability to choose.  Sometimes that ability is through your focus on your vibration.  Sometimes it is upon reprogramming your thoughts.  Mostly it is about just allowing your divinity to flow down and through you so that unconditional love, that complete acceptance for who you are, is there and present throughout all your reality and perceptions.

For now I invite you to take in once more deep breath and this time I invite you to really send that energy down into the earth.  As you breathe into the earth you allow yourself to feel the energies of Gaia. As you feel Gaia this is that heartbeat, this is that awareness.  This is more that the superficial perception of earth.  This is getting into the depth of the earth.  Allow yourself a moment to just feel that connection.  It may be that you feel the pulsation as it is moving through you.

Allow your consciousness to flow up through you once more.  Feel it as it moves through your physical body and then you send that energy out through the top of your head.  As you allow your consciousness to expand feel it as you link with your higher self.  As you arrive within this space of your higher self immediately you expand outwards.  Take a moment to look around at what this is for you.

Your higher self has a direct impact upon these levels of consciousness that we were speaking about that creates your reality.  Here within your higher self, are there any old programming or is there old energy that no longer serves you?  If so then take a moment and ~whew~ clear it out.  You may also choose to just send a ball of energy rolling through your higher self, clearing out old thoughts, old beliefs, and old potentials.

As you stand within your higher self take a moment to perceive the reality that is here for you.  You may observe something of which you were unaware.  You may see some of those energies that have been your focus for the last little while.  Whatsoever it may be allow that awareness to move through you.

From there you send your energy even further.  That column of light that comes from within you and is linking directly with your divinity just allows your consciousness to stream directly into your I AM presence.  As you arrive within your divinity open up all of your consciousness that you may blend completely with your divine essence.  Some people just feel the energy perhaps as love, as acceptance, as allowing.  Other people may have a sense of seeing who they are as their divinity.  Simply allow your consciousness to flow through this moment.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you as the human in this lifetime, but you as you merge with your I AM presence.  As we do so there is a shift or a movement that takes you into the All That Is.  As you arrive within this space let yourself feel as if you are expanding even bigger and bigger.

The All That Is is quite crowded this evening.  I have a sense of many who are here from the Angelic realm and many who are here from reality, and all are present with the intention of creating reality.

As you first consider wherever you may be within the world you have those people that are closest to you; perhaps friends and family, perhaps the people that you work with.  Take a moment and as you are here in the balance of the All That Is consider what that is to you.

Do you find that your reality changes that the people that you might be around?  Do you find that you have an impact on others in expressing yourself and your reality?  The people with whom you find yourself on a continuous basis are the ones that frequently create the most intense relationships. Therefore take a moment to create a space where you can disconnect from any of them if you need to, so that you can instead be fully present in your own self.

Okay as I’m observing you and you are asking yourself what is my reality sometimes it is hard to know the answer to that question.  Sometimes it is hard to know is it what you desire and feeling a lack is a reality, or is it what you desire and what you have is your reality.  There is not right or wrong.  It is only about what your perception is in your daily life.

There is great transformation upon the world or throughout the world.  We have spoken for a very long time about that which is hidden coming up to the surface.  We have also spoke for a very long time about what each individual can do as they create their reality.

As all of this transformation takes place upon the earth there are many people that are caught up in what is been put forth by the media.  They are caught up in what is being said by one individual or arguing by another individual that says the opposite, and in many of these cases it creates a sense of frustration, anger, whatever the emotion might be.

When you find yourself being caught up in the things that might be happening on a worldwide level, there is something inside of you that is feeling the same thing.  Perhaps frustration about events within your own life, perhaps anger over things that are not changing or have not manifested.

It is a little bit of a dual influence that takes place.  On the global level these transformations are coming up because no longer will people tolerate the injustices that are taking place so they are speaking out.  So within your own life do you have a sense of injustice?  So therefore what is playing can have a link to what is inside of you.  So too when people have a link to what is happening inside of them that is in alignment with what is happening outside of them.  There is a flow of energy that begins to move back and forth.

You have the opportunity to look around at these things and if there is something to learn or transition now is the time to do so.  I therefore ask you to create that screen that we sometimes use and ask your divinity to show you upon the screen that which is of the highest priority for you to transition within your life.  As you take in whatever that may be, take a moment to just observe.  You may feel it, you may sense it, you may see it.  Allow for that energy to just move through you.  We ask that the screen just shift, show you something else.

I am smiling because I see some people like a fast shift movie going through a list of things.  For this now moment I invite you to really take the time to go inside of yourself to tap into that which is your number one priority and let it be played out in front of you.  As you look at you say this is how I am feeling.  How is it affecting the people around me and you may see or sense that your reaction to this part of your life is also having an effect on others?

Now as you still have this in front of you ask to know how do other people influence my reality?  In this way is there any sense that what you are feeling is not only your own but someone else’s, but it is having an influence upon you.  So for that first and foremost is the impact or the essence that you are looking at, if something is influenced by someone else and is not your own ~whew~ clear it out.

We saw a lot of people clearing out that energy.  Look at it again.  If you could change the reality of this situation what would you like it to look like, or how would you like to feel about it.    With this new reality that you are now creating does it feel like something that could really work for you?  Therefore if there is a hindrance if there is something keeping you from your truth ~whew~ clear it out.

I invite you to now have a sense of clearing that screen, or letting that go.

As you consider where you are in your life right now.  As you consider the reality of what is going on in your life and the world.  Tap into your creative process and send an image, or send an essence, on to that screen of what your reality would look like, will look like or is looking like when it is the foundation of what you seek to create.  Is there a similarity to what you were just working with or is there something brand new.

Here is where it gets so interesting for humanity.  Up in the All That Is you can create change instantly and it can be completely through every level of reality.  It is that human process that tends to pull you down or pull it back or wants to keep you in that same process.

So as you are looking at whatever this is for you right now let’s also look at anything unconscious that may be linked to perhaps past life.  That may be linked to a cellular memory.  Whatsoever that may be if it is unconsciously holding you back let that come up in this now moment.  Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ you clear it out.  You might notice the fine tuning of your reality.

If there is any programming inside your brain or inside your mind, programming that has to do with beliefs, potentials, a truth, but perhaps it is not allowing you to move forward, then let that old programming come up into this now moment where you align with it ~whew~ clear it out.

As you clear out that energy be open, look around.  Be open to a reality that may be completely that this is what is truly get you to move into, either a better space, or something with which you can completely resonate.

Be in this now moment.  Feel the energy as it moves through you.  There we go.  Now I can feel you shifting.

As you look at this screen, as you take in this energy that is all around you I invite you to open to a message from your soul essence or from your I AM presence.  As if you are opening up all of your consciousness be open to receive the flow of love, the flow of awareness, as you receive that heart to heart message from your own divinity.  It feels good does it not.  You may hear or know the message in this now moment or it may come to you over the next several days or the next few weeks.

When you are here in this balanced energy of the All That Is you create that foundation; you create the reality; you create that knowledge for who you are and you the person in this lifetime are the same.  You can be this empowered in your everyday life.  Your reality can change moment to moment to moment to moment, but your reality can also transform in such a way that you are building a new foundation, and this new foundation comes from the knowledge that you are limitless.

Look around it’s here right now.  You stand in this conscious awareness receiving all of who you are.  Let it wash over you.  Let it clear out the energies in your everyday reality so that you can literally look with eyes of compassion, or wake up and look at your reality from this new and expanded perspective.

I’m feeling a bubble of joy coming up within you.  As you consider reality in your life I invite you to have that consideration be from the foundation of here in the in the All That Is, as you as your divinity and of the knowledge or the awareness that you have this limitless potential.

What would you do with your reality if you really understood or really trusted that you have all this potential?  What would you do for your reality if you knew that you could tap into this expanded love, this expanded awareness at any given moment?  Feel what it is.

I invite you to come back together as a group and as you do so this time I invite you to look around at the people and the essence that is here.  Are there particular Angels or Guides that you would like to network with?  Are there other people in this reality that you seek to create an alignment, or an alliance that you will use in your everyday reality?

Be open to feel the flow and be open to become aware of what that could be for you.  Sometimes these Angels and Light Beings are here for the sole purpose of reminding you of who you are.  Take a moment and feel that knowledge once more go through you as you are here gathered as a group.

Perhaps there are people in your everyday life that you would like to transform your relationship with.  They may be in this group and you can take this opportunity to speak with them so that you can both set up a new relationship from the space of the highest intention and the highest vibration.

Perhaps as you are moving through this group of people you are realizing that these are other human beings that are also open and aware and linked in with you here in the space of the All That Is.  Therefore in your reality upon the earth you can know; Yes I have these friends; Yes I have these people that I work with; Yes they support me as I support them; there is only love and expansion.  This is a means of networking so as you create your new reality it will allow these energies of these people or these essences to come in in support of you.

Be open for what may seem like unexpected messages from the people around you in your everyday life or unexpected connections.

Now then coming up within this group is the hologram of the earth.  As each one of you are transforming your own reality it is transforming the reality of the earth.  So infuse that intention into this hologram.  As that happens the hologram begins to rotate and spin.  It is almost as if you see these sparkling lights coming up in every direction.  It then moves down from where you are in the All That Is.

As it moves through the energy there is a part that moves out to the universe.  There is a part that moves into Gaia.  As it moves into Gaia it clears out the collective consciousness of the earth as it moves into the physical reality.  It goes down into the center of the earth connecting with the crystals, with the magma, connecting with that core essence of Gaia.  From there is expands outwards.

It comes up through the many layers of the earth.  It comes up through the dimensions.  It comes up within each one of you your own transformation of reality.  It comes up from within you clearing out your physical, your mental, your emotional body and you send it around into the people around you.  Send it to your home, your work, your town, your state, your country, whatever it may be.

So too the energy comes up through the grass, the trees, the water and the rocks.  It comes up through the animals and it comes up clearing out the collective consciousness of the earth.  (This is) clearing out old programmed realities so that a new balanced reality, so that each person can know who they are in their divinity, so that can come down too into the collective reality of the earth.

You shift for a moment going back into the All that Is and all of you that were creating that space and that counterbalance for what was sent in with the hologram is now released and you allow your own consciousness to flow back.  That cord of light that links you from your human to your divinity is still there and wide open so that your energy just flows through it.  It comes down.

You can shift your higher self if you so choose.  You then bring it down into you as the human.  You are letting it blend and merge with what came up from the earth and that from the All that Is so that everything moves through you, balancing you, aligning you with that which is for your best and highest potential for your reality.  Perhaps you are fully conscious of it.  Perhaps it will unfold in the days and weeks to come.

Take this moment to just sit quietly as you anchor.  Allow yourself to breathe.  Allow yourself to embrace this new potential.  Feel who you are.  Know who you are.  Feel your expanded reality and let that come in anchoring, settling within you and balancing within you.

As you are living your life remember that that creation is something that is your physical reality and that that includes your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, physicality.  It also includes unconscious energies, perhaps other lifetimes, perhaps your divinity.  There is also your actual divinity that flows within and around you.

Therefore as you have the intention of moving forward or have the intention of changing you reality recognize that there may be way more than what you are consciously aware of and that all of that is also going to flow within and around you affecting your reality.  So you can let go all that you no longer need ~whew~ and you can bring in that that is in your best interest.

Beloved family know that I am always in and within you.