The Fairies were one of the first groups of elementals that I opened up to receive as I was opening to channel.  I still remember the sense of seeing sparkles. I still remember the feeling of being drawn to sit outside and most especially in the woods.  They always have been warm, loving and protective of me.

I remember people talking about them and that the elementals were no longer available to us.  I thought ‘hmm, really, because I can feel them’.  As I spoke with them in more detail I was told that actually many, many years ago they went into the earth because it wasn’t safe for them to be upon the earth.  Apparently at one time they very much a part of life upon the earth.  They walked, talked and interacted with humans.  Then as the energy of the earth became more aggressive, people tried to use them in ways that went against their nature; as a result, they shifted into the earth.

Living in the earth is simply living in another dimension.  One could say the 6th, 7th or higher.  Therefore as the earth’s energy was stuck in the 3rd dimension there was quite a difference. It’s this diversity that kept people from perceiving the elementals.  They have never completely left the earth they are a part of Gaia and work within and upon Gaia.

This video has about 3 minutes where the Goddess of Creation speaks about myths, the elementals and these changes.  Then there are messages from the Fairies.  You can read / listen to or watch the entire channel at this link.  ENTIRE CHANNEL