Happy Anniversary!! It was 20 years ago on the 1st Sunday in April that I started offering the Free Channeled Meditation.  What a massive change has taken place over that time!  I have for the most part had the meditations twice a month.  That’s a lot!!

During this channel I was at my sister’s house, so the setup was a little different. I had some glitches at the beginning; I somehow locked the conference room! I then couldn’t find my crystal and forgot to say Nama Sika, Venia Benya, but I got through! 🙂

At one point in the All That Is, the Goddess took us back through time looking at the energy and the changes in frequency.  There is a dramatic difference over the past five & ten years, then more gradual in the ten before that. I invite you to consider that for yourself. where were you 20 years ago?  How has your frequency changed?

She also assisted us with creating a deep alignment with our soul/divinity.  In doing so we were able to shift the energy within ourselves, then help those who are around us.  Anyone can create a potential for others to step into, but only that person can make the choice to do so.  However, thinking of others and doing for others created a shift in the energy.

Lastly, the Goddess took us to a crystal city that is located within the Earth.  These are linked with others on other planets,so some people went elsewhere. We realized at the end fo the channel that the Goddess came through differently and was reflecting the higher vibration.  This is I believe a result of the transition that took place with the Equinox two weeks ago.

I invite you to step into this amazing meditation filled with light and love.

(The Goddess didn’t say this, but I’m writing her intro)

Nama Sika, Venia Benya         I AM the One I AM the Whole

Greetings, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to those who are on the telephone, to all that are on the internet, to all that are in the ethers.

The community that has been created through Goddess Light is wide and expansive. When you consider those that began this process, which was a group of what three friends maybe four just calling on the phone, to where it is now something on the Internet. There’s a call-in number. It’s computerized. It’s digital. It gets sent around the world. It has changed dramatically.

There are a number of reasons for this. Number one is Shelly and her passion, or her mission as she called it earlier, but it is also what the entire world is going through. As the world has experienced this ascension experience it is something that has taken up not only in your consciousness it has shifted your emotions, it has shifted your energy, and your spirituality is the foundation for all of what this is.

This is the time for spiritual ascension on the Earth. The network and the foundation has been set up for a very, very long time. So now it is a matter of opening up the doors, opening up the energy, which in turn makes it available for each one of you and then allowing each one of you to experience life; howsoever it comes across for you.

As we stand here at this moment where you are considering where you were 20 years ago, whether you joined the Goddess and these meditations somewhere along the line or from the beginning it matters not. But think back to where you were 20 years ago. Some of you are much younger so maybe you were a teenager. Others of you may have been at a different place in your life so your focus was different. In everything that’s happening I invite you to choose that which elevates your energy, that which opens you to greater spirituality, and that which allows you to truly experience not only your life but this reality.

I invite you to take this moment and breathe the energy down within your heart center. As you do so allow yourself to focus within this energy body. Create a ball of light. You tap into your heart center. You connect with that energy inviting it to swirl. It’s already moving so you tap into that movement and then you send it down. It moves down through your lower energy bodies. It moves down until you link with Gaia.

Feel the essence of Gaia. Feel the pulsation that is here for you. Understand that you choose to be here to be a part of the Earth process. Therefore, the more that you link with the Earth the more that you are interacting with that reason for why you came. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Allow that energy of Gaia to come back up through your energy bodies. You anchor within your heart center. You then send more of that through your throat, your third eye, your head center allowing it to move up until you connect with your Higher Self.

Look around at what you have within this space. For some it may feel cluttered. For others it may feel as if it is a place of creation. You process the things that are happening in your everyday life while you are here within this space. Feel, experience all of what that may be for you.

Let your energy stream even further up. As you do so pay attention to the levels of consciousness almost as if you are streaming like a ball of light, or a ball of energy, that is moving through these various levels of consciousness until you arrive at the frequency of your Divinity. It is as if you arrive, perhaps it seems as if it’s a doorway, perhaps it’s as if you come out and this is a wide-open space for you. Become aware of what your soul essence looks like to you.

When we first began these journeys, you were working quite a bit, probably for two to three years, with your Higher Self. Your Soul would come down within that space. We would move into the All That Is, but the vibration of each one of the participants and the Earth was such that you did not go to the higher lighter frequencies that you work with at this time. It has been perhaps four years, maybe five that there was that sense of truly merging with your Soul or with your Divinity.

As you are present within this space and you’re looking around ask to notice what lifetimes are most important for you to be aware of? Each one of you have had many, many lifetimes. Some, the majority were out within the Universe, others the majority were on the Earth. Ask to know what is in your best interest to understand at this time?

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I merge my energies with you and as we do so we shift moving into the All That Is. Look around at this place. It’s making Shelly quite emotional because it is as if there is a celebration. There are people and groups that have participated in these teleconferences over the years. Some are here from the space of their Divinity and their human consciousness is most likely unaware. Others may not be consciously here but yet they are coming in and they rejoice and celebrate this experience.

If I had to give a number, the frequency of the All That Is in which we are gathering is that the 10th to 11th dimension. It of course stretches on both sides of that. Some of you are actually working at a higher frequency, others at a lower, but that about a tenth dimension is somewhat in the middle. As if you’re looking down a timeline let us see where you were or where this group was about five years ago. You see a variation but not super dramatic. Look at 10 years ago it was a big dip that took place. So, when you look from 10 years to now it is quite a drastic difference and then look at 15 years and then 20 years.

What is interesting to note as I look at this now is that when this began, the All That Is was a place of creation. I the Goddess am referred to as the Goddess of Creation because we were creating a place where people could have experiences in which they are creating the life that they seek to have. The All That Is has always been fluid.

The All That Is is segmented into many different aspects. The All That Is in which we participate is an aspect that is based in love, creation, ascension and learning your lessons with that foundation. If you look somewhat distant from here. Just off hand perhaps five or six other segments; people that are learning through abuse; people that are learning through being stuck and negativity; and then these others; I’m not 100% sure what they represent other than the fact that it is not a vibrational balance with that which we align. By WE mean all of you that are a part of this with me.

So, pay attention to what your own pathway has been. Perhaps at times you were over in one of those other segments of abuse or stuck in that wormhole. Perhaps at other times you were in a much higher lighter frequency and then something has stepped you down into where you are right now. Be aware that everything is about potential. It’s about the experiences. It’s about understanding that as your Soul you are growing, you are manifesting even more of the divine light that is you that is God reflected as you within you the human.

So, take this moment to consider your life. With the influx of energy that is continuously coming into the earth plane you will have more opportunities. If for example you are able to discern that some of those opportunities allow you to manifest telepathy; allow you to manifest teleportation; allow you to manifest emerging of your consciousness, perhaps with your totems, your guides, the other aspects of you so that you have that open consciousness and awareness. Most likely there are even more things than what we’re defined at this now moment. As I said that there was a wave of energy that just went through everybody.

So, look at your life. Is your life manifesting in the way that you anticipate? Is your life manifesting through joy and the foundation of love? If there are old patterns that have held you back take this as an opportunity to clear that out.

Throughout the years we have cleared layer upon layer, upon layer, upon layer. But as you look from this perspective right now ask to know anything conscious or unconscious that may be stuck within the old patterns. Just let that come up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. Phew, clear it out.  As you clear out that energy pay attention to what is left in and around your consciousness.

Sometimes when you release something that maybe was insulating you it may reveal something else that is ready to be cleared. So, if there is anything that you perhaps were completely unaware of let that come up to be cleared at this time. You can bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew, let it go.

I know that we primarily are working with each one of you doing your own healing process, but I ask for all of you to tap into whatever there may be worldwide that is still stuck in the old energy, that is afraid of change, that is holding people in their fears. So be it you or anybody else worldwide bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew, you let that go.

As I’m tapping into various ones of you that are here I see some more thinking about the social media where they focus on the negativity, some of you were considering family members, some of you were considering your coworkers, your community. Therefore, at this time if there’s anyone that you just want to bring into your heart or into this moment then let’s assist with them, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, Phew.

You cannot change anybody else. However, when you put forth an intention to heal or clear somebody that may be in the midst of a transition or stuck energy you are working with them from outside of their energy field and helping to shake things up. Or put forth opportunities that they may then notice and choose to take action. You are not controlling or manipulating. You are working from your heart to theirs with the intention of sending love, light, and potentials.

So, you let go of all of that and look back at your own soul essence and the representation of you in this life. I notice and just about in every one of you are actually expanding your energy because you are thinking of others, sending love and light out to others. When you do that, it allows your own energies to expand even further.

As you are here within the All That Is you’re in alignment with your Divinity. Let your focus and your awareness simply go within you. What does your Soul feel like to you? Can you give it an image or does is there an image that comes to you?

As if you are opening up either your energy bodies or something within the consciousness of you, the person in this lifetime, create that place or that space that you know your Soul is always there within you.

As you consider what that may be in this now moment ask to have made it known to you, or be shown to you, perhaps other aspects of other lifetimes that are going to come into this now moment and be of assistance to you. Are you learning something new in your life? As you look at other lifetimes and other aspects in front of you perhaps there’s another lifetime that you had already mastered that activity. Just feel the stream of energy, let it flow within you. As a minimum you know that this is something that you are successful.

If there are certain things that have been bothering you then allow this energy to flow within and around you and understand that when the time is right the information will just drop down into you in one form or another.

In particular expanding consciousness and alignment with the crystalline energies is very much a part of the next several years on Earth. As you are merged with your Soul ask to see a lifetime or multiple lifetimes where you worked or lived in the Crystal Cities, perhaps on earth or another planet. The Crystal Cities are the pure balanced energy of the crystalline frequency. In these Crystal Cities as they’re referred to there is no control, manipulation, or third dimensional aspects. There is only love and balance. There’s telepathic communication with those that you may see around you. Many of the people here are very etheric because they don’t need the density of the physical body. This is not as transparent as Crystallia because these cities that I refer to at this moment do have individuals with physicality.

As you experience this vibration and frequency ask to receive any downloads or information that can be of assistance to you. As I speak of this I see everyone’s energy bodies expanding even further.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you allow your focus to once again come more into your immediate space within the All That Is pay attention to whether or not there may be something different. Perhaps something else is coming up to your awareness. Perhaps something else is healed or transitioning.  Be in this now moment.

I invite you to gather together. The group continues to be much larger than typical. In part there are energies from those crystal cities that have come to place their alignment within this vibration. There are those that have participated from time to time and as you gather in this group celebrate who you are. Celebrate your life. Celebrate your Divinity. Express that in all that you do.

Coming up within the center of this you see that Hologram of the Earth. Within that Hologram can you see the Crystal City that is within the Earth. Can you see perhaps your other life experiences. The Hologram in particular this time is showing each one of you a reflection of that which you are placing within it.

There is an aspect that goes out to the Universe. It moves through some of the other planets. It moves through the beams of light. It moves into whatever it is that needs that anchor or that clarity. The remainder goes down. It’s always that perception of going down. It can be looked at in many different ways, but you send the remainder of that Hologram down into the earth plane and as it moves through the various energy fields it is clearing out anything that no longer vibrates in alignment.

It goes down into the center of your Earth. It is anchoring within the crystals and the space that it’s as if it’s an empty space, but yet there are crystals and other high vibrational frequencies within. It then reverses and it comes up throughout the surfaces of the planet.

Where you anchor within Gaia it comes up within you. So, feel your own alignment anchor within you. It comes up back anchoring within your heart center. For your friends and loved ones and those that you just sent light to, that energy and potential moves into and around them in their everyday reality. It is there for them to receive or not. It clears out other places within the Earth, within the waters, within the trees, within the grass, helping to expand the consciousness, raise the vibration and create a greater balance.

You bring the remainder of your consciousness down. It comes from the All That Is into the soul plane. As it moves through the soul plane once again remember where you anchored your Soul within you. It comes down to your Higher Self. It comes down into you and your physicality and then it moves up and down within you. Take a moment to breathe in and out. Feel all of what this is for you. Celebrate who you are and all that you have done. Be present in the now moment.

As we bring this evening to a close. I want to thank you once again for being a part of the Nama sika room; of the many, many ways in which we have created a community; and of joining us whether you were conscious or unconscious of it during these meditations. The transition over 20 years has been massive and this time and energy and everything that is happening will continue to evolve also. So, I thank you for being here. I thank you for helping to create Goddess light and know that I am ever with you.