If you were to celebrate your life, how would it look?  Would the focus be on all the ‘stuff’ you have to get done; running errands, going to work, taking care of your family.  Would your focus immediately go to your accomplishments?  Would you celebrate that you made it through another year? For all of the millions of people upon the earth I’m sure there are millions of potentials.

This gives you a chance to sit for a moment and really take stock.  First of all; close your eyes for a few moments and breathe deeply.  With each breath that you take in, consciously let it flow deeply within you and let go of any tension or stress.

Now, take another look. We as people are created through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, experiences, spiritual and physical energy bodies.  Therefore our perceptions come from the influence of all these aspects of ourselves.  If you find that your view of your life is skewed, are you too much in your head or emotions?  Are you pushing aside the energies that may create a more balanced reality?

During the teleconference, the Goddess took all of us into an amphitheater so as to be in the flow of all the angels and light beings.  As the Goddess stood at the front, she radiated out towards everyone the feeling of just limitless love.  It was as if there were waves that just washed over everyone.

I could see a number of different light beings standing around her and several wished to speak.  The first who came through to talk was Archangel Michael.  I’ve created an excerpt of his words for people to watch.

AA Michael - 2

Archangel Michael spoke of how the energies have shifted in such a way that many of them walk among us! Now, I know I’ve worked with a lot of people and they are of the angelic realm~~  But what he’s saying is that we’ve raised our vibration; they’ve acclimated to us and in the end, there’s less separation and more alignment.  He also gave everyone who chose to have it a sword of light.


Yeshua, earth, light

Then Yeshua came forward to speak.  Sananda is the over soul for Yeshua, Buddha, Abraham, Muhammed and Krishna.  As Yeshua spoke, he identified himself as Yeshua; but his energies felt like Sananda.  In fact, it was a bit of a surprise to he’d called himself Yeshua.  What does this mean? The energy of Yeshua or Jesus that people are used to aligning with is changing.  He’s able to manifest a higher vibration that is closer to his natural self.  I think this is amazing and an example of the amazing energy work that people have created.


We keep talking about the energy work, clearing the old, creating the new, allowing in the crystalline light; this is one way in which it will manifest!  As Yeshua is able to step down more of the higher vibration it’s then transmitted to humanity.  As people pray to Yeshua or worship him they are connecting at this higher level; mostly in an unconscious manner, but it’s working!

As the Goddess brought this to a close it was as if everyone was dancing, singing and  flying around! They were laughing, talking, playing with the angels and each other.  We need to remember to celebrate our lives.  We need to remember to keep our perspective on the things that ARE working for us and the love within us.

Begin 2016 with Celebrating Life and creating a new beginning~~~