New month, new year, new beginning!  During this channel the Goddess of Creation took us to a new place of consciousness in the All That Is.  We have ascended.  We are now vibrating at new level which allows us to experience life in a different way.  

Once we established a space within the All that Is, we shifted until we were standing in from the central spiritual sun.  This is the center of the cosmos.  It’s amazing to stand in front of it because it radiates a power and energy; yet does not burn you up. Coming here at this time enables us to truly live in the higher vibration.  The Goddess spoke of dimensions and frequency as we acclimated to this new level.  

She also spoke about how we sense energy.  Most people may be aware of certain gifts, but no matter how you receive information it will strengthen and assist with creating greater clarity this year.  We have a unique opportunity to create huge changes but in such a way as to allow for the greater growth and awareness!