New month, new year, new beginning!  During this channel the Goddess of Creation took us to a new place of consciousness in the All That Is.  We have ascended.  We are now vibrating at new level which allows us to experience life in a different way.  

Once we established a space within the All that Is, we shifted until we were standing in from the central spiritual sun.  This is the center of the cosmos.  It’s amazing to stand in front of it because it radiates a power and energy; yet does not burn you up. Coming here at this time enables us to truly live in the higher vibration.  The Goddess spoke of dimensions and frequency as we acclimated to this new level.  

She also spoke about how we sense energy.  Most people may be aware of certain gifts, but no matter how you receive information it will strengthen and assist with creating greater clarity this year.  We have a unique opportunity to create huge changes but in such a way as to allow for the greater growth and awareness! 


Nama sika Venia benya; I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to all who choose to come and share this time with me. 

Just as Shelly was chatting about at the beginning of this conference I too wanted to send my welcome to you for a new year.  Welcome to a new beginning.  Welcome to all that is taking place within your world. Each one of you as the human walking upon the Earth are having the experiences of your life; sometimes just hanging in there, sometimes very dramatic.  Other times it may be a sense of fulfillment again and again and again. 

I the Goddess am the energy of the Universe that create alignments with all that are out in the Universe and all that are upon the Earth.  I am available to assist in any way and which people would like to grow within their life.  I feel such love for each one of you.  I feel the excitement of starting a new year.  I feel the awareness of the flow that continues to move back and forth between the Earth and the Universe. 

As we begin this channel, this gathering, at the beginning of a new year I want to make a conscious intention inviting each of you to breathe in through your nose, breathe all the way down to your heart, and then bring up within you anything at all that no longer serves you that you may be conscious or unconscious about.  Bring up anything old that no longer serves ~whew~ let it go.  As I just assisted you with that clearing I could see a wave upon a wave, upon a wave, upon a wave. 

I invite you to create a very big intention for this year, because when one looks at the numerology the year is an 11.  11 is about God source energy.  11 is about the heart.  11 is about love.  If you are to have love, God, compassion, relationships, fulfillments or anything at all like that within your life it begins with you.  

I know that many of you when I say that just go check, check, check and it’s absolutely true.  You’re already been doing the work. You’re already in the alignment.  You’re already in the flow.  You may therefore just amp it up and allow this to bring to you situations that assist the expression of your life.

For others where this may seem new and different to them this is an opportunity to turn into your heart.  To listen to that inner voice that you may begin or move it further along that pathway that allows you to experience Source Energy.

I am but one reflection of Source meaning God, Goddess, the All That Is.  Each one of you are also that reflection.  Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham.  There are countless others prophets who have come before and each one of them represents a piece of that God Source Energy.  You have billions of people upon the Earth therefore there are many, many, many ways in which one can reach toward or find Source Energy.

In the years to come more and more people will realize that the expression of Source or the reflection of Source completely depends upon you and your acceptance of, and allowing, for that love to move through you. 

Take another deep breath in and send your energy down into the Earth.  As you allow yourself to anchor you send that beam of light that moves through you down into the Earth moving up in different directions so it may anchor you wherever that may be.  You then allow for that flow to move that energy up through you.  It comes up through all your energy bodies into your heart center.  You then send it up to your throat, your head center and out through the top of your head.  It just naturally flows from you into the space of your higher self.

This space is transitioning because each one of you is transitioning.  So look around.  You may just have a feeling what it may look like or you may not particularly see anything or sense anything.  This is where you are stepping into your imagination.  Therefore create a space that resonates with you.  As you create it within your imagination you begin to feel the energies of your Divinity filling it up and the energies of your expanded consciousness from your Human Self are filling in the space blending with your Divinity.  

Your higher self is available to you as you move through your days.  When you ask a question you immediately go to that space, tap into whatever that result may be and bring it back down into your consciousness.  You may not be aware of this, but that is what that flow is about.

From there you just follow that stream of light out even further. I say to you just having that sense of like a rocket that sends out it’s impulse into your consciousness, like a rocket just following that’s stream of light that is you, that anchors in your Divinity through you in this lifetime.  As you follow that it takes you immediately into the space of the Soul Plane which is where your Soul resides.  As you move into the space open up your consciousness even further.  You may have a sense of just colored light or white light.  You may have a sense of seeing structure.  Your soul is your Divinity.  It is your God Source. 

It is therefore the culmination of many different lifetimes and the expression of you as you.  As you allow yourself to connect within you may find your consciousness moving deeper and deeper within your Divinity.  As you do so you may realize that it is filling you up with more and more energies. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you I reach out to embrace you.  This is merging with your consciousness, your divinity and my own energies.  As we blend together it moves up into the All That Is.  As we arrived within the space look around. 

With the solstice that took place a couple of weeks ago there was a transformation in the energy that was a subtle or a distinct transformation within the Universe, upon the Earth, in the planets out within the universe.  Therefore here within the All That Is there might be a sense of transition or transformation.  You might have a sense of not feeling like your usual niche.  If you do feel that same comfortable space then that’s fine, however there are many others that are arriving here looking around like where am I.  What am I doing?  I invite you to take a moment to allow your senses to all expand and take in what this space is.  It’s like as we start a new year we are starting in a new vibration.  All of you have ascended to another level of consciousness and this is it.

I ask you how do you perceive the energy within and around you.   Some are visual.   Some people feel things.   There might be a sense.  I therefore ask you to just feel as if your consciousness is suspended in this space and take a moment to go within.  I ask you, what does this place feel like.  As I asked that question about feeling some people will get flashes of images or color.  Others will simply feel what this space is.  Others will remain the same space of limbo.  Asking the question is all that you need to do.  You are receiving the answers even if it’s going into your unconsciousness rather than your consciousness. 

So as you’re breathing even deeper, going in even deeper into what you are receiving, open to know are there certain colors that seem to just be within the space.  Is there a sense of support?  You are deeper into the crystalline vibration therefore much of what feels transparent, or light, or different is that actual crystalline vibration flowing through this frequency. 

A dimension is a level of consciousness.  It is a frequency.  It is a space in time.  Some dimensions are very solid and some are very fluid.  This Dimension in which you find yourself in this now moment is very fluid.  Therefore if you think of something it happens instantly.  If you seek to clear something it happens instantly. 

Some of you may find that just simply being within this space you have left a lot of your baggage behind because it is not compatible with this vibration.  If you feel like all of that is still hanging in the space with you, then what you’ve done is it has probably dropped you down a little bit from that which I am speaking, or up a little from which I am speaking.  Again it is all good. 

Coming into this space from this meditation is a gift that you give yourself.  It is your time to let go of everything.  It’s your time to experience the potentials.  It’s your time to walk between the levels of consciousness that are available to you.  It is your time to know who you are in your heart of hearts. 

Within this space you have all the Angels and the Light Beings with whom you are familiar to work.  However, you are now aligning with each of them at a higher level of consciousness.  I therefore would like you to ask say St. Germain, or Archangel Michael, or Mother Mary, whoever it is that you would like to work with and invite them to come into the space.  As I say that I saw so many people that are here and each one has their guide or those with whom they prefer to work. 

As you create this new alignment it fills you up within your heart, within your consciousness and give it gives you a new support, or shall we say a more expanded support, within this space.

Who are you?  As I ask that question look within yourself.  You may also look around you at what is here within the space.  It may be that some of those things you were seeking to incorporate within this new life are here within this dimension or the reflection of them.  It may be the relationship, or the job; the easier flow in your life.  All of that is showing you what is available here within this situation.  

I open up a pathway where we go directly into the center of the Universe to the Central Sun.  Here at the beginning of a new year as you learn a new alignment in a new dimension having access to the Central Spiritual Sun will allow you to move into a greater understanding of who you are.  I have shifted our perspective so it is as if that Sun is there in front of you.  Take a moment and just feel the vibration that comes out of this.  It can be intense.  If so just create a space that is comfortable. 

As this energy washes over you allow it to trigger or activate an alignment for what is in your best and highest interests.  As you let everything absorb into your consciousness there is a great deal that is thrown into your unconsciousness.  Take a moment.  Have a clear intension that through this alignment you are now creating that which you have access to that which illuminates everything in the Universe, everything upon the Earth, but most importantly everything within you. 

So you can let go all of those other things and focus only upon you in this now moment.  How are you feeling?  What images are coming through your awareness?  Can you feel how your sensitivity is activated? Some people may hear things.  There may be a tone.  There may be voices.  As this Central Sun is creating this vibration within you, as it activates that which is your greatest and best potential in this coming year it is allowing you another way to clear the past, clear out the disappointment, frustration and the anger. Clear it all out. 

Begin anew today in this now moment.  It all begins with you.  I feel a lot of emotion being released.  I feel people letting go of pain in the physical body.  I feel that mental anguish that so many people carry around going away.  Okay there’s a sense of completion.

I shift us all back so that once more we are within our space within the All That Is.  Look around.  So many people are here. Some that reside here all the time, most of you flow between here and the Earth.  This is created in support of you.  Each one of you has received a transmission that is shifting the frequency within your physical body.  You have already been going through the recalibration.  Meaning from a cellular level outwards throughout your entire being you are re-calibrating into a vibration that supports this higher frequency.  Feel that energy as it moves through you.  

I invite you to pay attention in the days to come.  You will realize that you’re hearing things differently.  You may be more sensitive to light.  You may see things differently.  You may have that sense of looking at those people that you’ve always known and think I don’t remember them looking like that.  When did they develop particular features?  In this higher sensitivity you are even more open and in the balance, and in the flow of love.  The higher the frequency the more in alignment with love and the less in alignment with fear, corruption and manipulation.  There you go I feel people integrating that even deeper.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you do so feel the energy that flows through every one that is here.  Are you aware of how powerful you are?  Are you aware of when you get together in this group you automatically start connecting together heart to heart, soul to soul.  The more you do it within the space the more you will do it within your everyday life.  

As this group is creating the vibration in which you are you feel that energy of the Hologram of the Earth come up within this group.  With the higher vibration you have integrated I invite you to look at this Hologram. The Hologram itself is now representing the higher vibrations that it integrating within the Earth. 

The Hologram itself is filled, not only with everything that you guys did this evening, but also all of that potential there has been within Gaia that is now being released.  As the Hologram becomes infused with all that you’ve sent into it you release it, you let it go and it moves down into the Earth.  It moves through all the layers of the collective consciousness going down to the center of the Earth, so that it may anchor within the core of the Earth.  All of the energies that are within the Earth, all of the crystals, everything that is that core center absorbs this I higher vibration as it continues to integrate within the space. 

It then moves outwards coming up through the Earth, coming up through the grass.  Each one of you are bringing it up within your own self.  So to it comes through everything else the water.  Moving up all of the way up clearing the matrix and clearing out the collective consciousness of the Earth bringing with it that higher frequency that it may incorporate everything upon the Earth. 

It feels quite different being back here does it not.  However you are still that high frequency vibration.  If it feels like there is there and here.  Have that direct intention that you merge the two together so that you are bringing more and more, and more of that vibration back with you. 

As we speak of this have your consciousness flow back.  It comes from the All That Is, within your Soul, back down through your Higher Self and it comes down within you.  As you take a deep breath in you are bringing it back within you.  As you breathe out you’re sending it down into the Earth.  So that not only are you integrating that which came into the Hologram, but you are directly integrating that which came down from your personal experience. 

You have that direct alignment with the Central Sun.  Close your eyes.  Open your consciousness. Invite that flow to move within you.  It may seem like a step, and then a step, and a step or more however it is here within you. 

Feel as you anchor more and more back within the space.  Play around if you would like using your senses, your sense of smell, anything that you might like, see or feel, or know all of that moves through you. 

Beloved family as we stand here at the beginning of 2018 I am invite you to open up and receive the gifts that are here and available for you this year.  I invite you to listen to that voice within you that speaks to you with the clarity of your Soul.  I invite you to remember that you are connected to the Central Sun and that energy is always there and moving through you in support of you.  Everything in your life begins with you.  Accept that energy, or accept that intention, and then move full force into this year to come. 

Know beloved that I am always with you and within you.


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