With each of these meditations, we are going deeper and deeper into the energy of the universe, our soul, God, or whatever term we would like to use. The Goddess began this channel by talking to us where we were still grounded about what might happen. She mentioned many speak about the rough energy.  Others speak about a lack of manifesting what they seek. And still, others want to know when this in-between time will be done.  

As we cleared out the space of our higher selves, it was easier to see the higher flow of potential.  In some cases, we could see where people’s energy moved to a higher frequency afterward.  Even if you don’t want to let go of a dream, by letting it go in your higher self, you are open to a new potential for it to manifest.  It is always essential to clear out disappointment.  

As we blended with our Souls, we had a chance to look at past and future lives.  They are always there and can give us insights into other ways of manifesting and living.  I think we just get busy and forget to use this tool.  Once the Goddess blended with us, we moved into the All That Is.  Here, we created a hologram of ourselves.  What is interesting is that some people when creating this, created another aspect of themselves!  Whoever showed up was there for communication and to help with whatever is happening in your life.  

From there, the Goddess opened the energy to the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and people who have crossed over as a means of bringing another level of communication.  This is where the energy really ramped up.  It was intense and pulsating.  Rather than creating the circle of light, we all stayed spread out in the All That Is and each person anchored directly into their human self, this light energy they were working with.  It set up the potential to always be in the flow directly from the universe and God’s Energy. 

I invite you to feel the love, the light, and the flow of this beautiful energy!! 

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