We have been steadily moving into the higher vibration of the 5th dimension and more.  More and more people now understand how this spiritual ascension is the key to all that is happening.  So what is that?  Our spiritual ascension is the integration of our soul and living through our soul essence.  People can interpret this in different ways, but as you connect with your soul and live with it, you expand your consciousness, past, present, and future. 

In the All That Is, the Goddess has us look at our lives and discern if there are one or several issues that keep coming up.  For some, it may seem as if there are many issues, however, under it all there is only one. While in the process of healing this, the Goddess helps us to look at our past lives to see if that is a part of what is happening.  My sense is that this lifetime is about healing all of our past lives as well as this one.  

Once we heal the past lives, the Goddess had us look at our shadow selves.  Many people have already done a lot of work with this, but no matter where you are in your life process, you can always tap into that aspect of you that hasn’t healed or perhaps is what keeps pulling you down.  in the meditation, you shine a huge light into whatever shadow selves you may have.

Lastly, the Goddess then assisted us with looking at or connecting with our future selves.  This was really amazing as this door opened.  Many saw ETs, some saw the lightbody, and others saw the human aspects of themselves that were present.  She then opened that line of communication to make things easier. 

The energy of the eclipses amplifies everything that happened in this meditation and you can work with it in a very deliberate manner.