This channel is an opportunity to create your life from the cellular level through your organs, skin, bloodstream, etc.  As we are created, the two cells that formed you the person,  created their own signature cell.  While the vast majority of the time, all of your cells work on their own process, you do have the potential to create changes through your focused awareness, healing, and intention.

During this channel, while we were in the All That Is, the Goddess created a space where we could see our signature cell as if it was huge and in front of us. In this manner, we were able to see our DNA. What was very interesting is that at the beginning, some people’s DNA was already illuminated and there were multiple strands. In others, I saw blockages and some aspects that were less active.  As we created a flow of light that originated within our soul, it illuminated all that was within the DNA.  

Once this connection was made, we were able to look further at the cells and the strands. If someone has received a meditation or other injection that was shutting down the cells, they could go in and clear damaged cells and reinstate the healthy cells. So too, if someone has a chronic illness or has been through cancer or other diseases, they can change the cells of organs through the infusion of light from their soul. 

Once this was completed, through the hologram, it was infused into the collective consciousness. This is what gives every single person the option to tap into cellular healing.  Even though some may be unaware consciously, there may be an aspect of them that reaches out to this healing and transformation.  In the higher frequency, people will parti

Nama Sika, Venia Benya         I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

So often you get busy and occupied within your life and when you do so you may find that there are energies, potentials, frustrations, other people that just are in your energy field.  As we are here in this moment allow your focus to take a deep breath in where you breathe all the way down into your heart once more and this time have a clear intention of clearing out anything around you. Phew, l let it go.

As humans, you have a tendency to think that when there is something you want really deeply or really badly that if you let it go then you are disappointing yourself or you’re giving up something that is very important to you. However, the reverse is actually true. Energies like disappointment, frustration, despair depression anger anything like that that may become wrapped up within whatever it is that you have been wanting to manifest. This can actually create barriers so that what you seek to have moved even further away.

As I was tapping into the energies of this group, I could feel so many things around you, this is why at the very beginning I wanted everyone to just clear their energy field. Once again take in one of those deep breaths where you’re bringing your focus within you and just feel it move through you and then breathe out. As you do so you can tell the difference can you not know that you have let go of whatever those distractions may be

Create within your heart a ball of light.  Send a beam of that light it moves down through your energy bodies and goes down through your root center. This becomes a column of light that links you to Gaia.  As you find yourself merging with Gaia that energy spreads out in different directions.  Feel what all of that is for you.  Let the energy of Gaia come with you as you allow your focus to stream back up; you pause in your heart center once more.

You then send that energy up through your throat your third eye your head center. You find yourself merging with your higher self. For many of you, you’ve already cleared this out when you took that breath in and cleared out the energy around you. In your human existence, it also cleared out the space of your higher self.

Look around what this is. This is where you troubleshoot what may be happening in your day, where you practice what you are integrating from the higher perspective. This is a place for you. You allow that thread of consciousness to move even further. You follow that thread as it takes you all the way back to source.

When you think of your divinity what is that to you?  When you look around this space, does it consist of just light and frequencies do you perhaps see life’s existence? Or do you perhaps have that perspective of just unlimited potential?

Look around, understand that this is all you! You are so much more than this person in this lifetime.  Allow your consciousness to spread out even further so that you may expand into that awareness.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge, you transition into the All That Is. 

Consider for a moment; when we were in the soul plane where you connected with your soul and then as we merge the increase in the vibration or frequency.  This is how someone such as I or the other light beings or angels can assist you in creating a transition in your life.  We assist you in moving your energy into a higher light frequency so that not only are you able to create, but you are also able to heal transform transition anything at all that may be within your life. Take a moment and feel what that is for you. 

You, as humanity is awakening in so many different ways. You are opening to understand that your reality is changing. With this change, in reality, it is not just that you are moving along, you make a new decision, you move in that direction. You make a new decision you move over there.

The consciousness of the universe, the consciousness of earth, the consciousness of humanity is expanding in such a way that there are many, many things that have always been around you of which you were unaware because your reality was what it was.  At the continued influx of energy that is coming into the earth, begin to see things differently. Understand that the truth or reality is different than what was first intended.  As a result of all of that, you open to greater knowledge. 

I invite each one of you to take a moment where with your consciousness you are breathing down as if you merge with your human physicality. However, we do so by bringing what it feels like to be you the human into this higher frequency. As you breathe within allow that focus or that awareness to move through you in such a way that you go through your energy bodies, you connect with your bloodstream and you follow down until you align with the signature cells that have created you.

We have done this in the past and each time that you allow yourself to move into this space of alignment you open up to even more information and potential than what you had before.  So, your intention is that you align with your physicality.

You are breathing deeply moving with your bloodstream into the cells that make up your core essence. When you were created, the egg and the sperm merge together creating that first cell that multiplied and multiplied and multiplied creating you the person. We tap into those original cells that are your creator cells, some call them your signature cells.  Frequently they perceive four cells for physical spiritual emotional and mental. However, we’re going to go within each one of you to that which is your number one signature cell may perceive it as one or multiple as we align within the cell.

We’re going to take a moment to simply acclimate your consciousness to the frequency of the cell.  We are going to magnify what this is so that is it is as if you see that signature cell in front of you.  Through that, you may see strands that move out in different directions.  Ask to see your DNA, and it does look like the ladder and there is a spiral twist.

As you look at your DNA, for some of you, you see multiple strands.  For some, you see strands that are lit and then dark and then lit and then dark. In other words, for whatever reason, the perception coming across in this moment is that aspects of your DNA have yet to be activated.

Therefore, first of all, within your consciousness create a ball of light that you infuse from your divinity that is you as soul or as source. Phew, you just very gently send that ball of energy it rolls out through your DNA. As it does so, it breaks away any blockages that you may have or anything at all that is keeping it from being expanded and functioning.

For all of you as I look at you, this has the ability to illuminate the energies around you.  Some may see the multiple strands now; some may have that perception just simply of light.  However, it comes across to you, understand that in this now moment this is as it was intended for you to see.

Let us now look at everyone’s DNA. My first question to you ‘are the strands activated that allow you more easily to align with the fifth dimension and higher’. And as you put forth that intention, again you send another little impulse of light that moves out through the strands.

What I see is that some will go a distance and then it’s like they come up against a wall.  I see others that as that higher frequency goes through its illuminating various parts of their DNA.  I see also with the higher illumination that some people have aspects that are shut down and other aspects that are fully functioning with this illumination. In particular, those that felt as if they hit a wall, I invite you to have a clear intention that whatever wall was placed there it is time to resolve it, it is time to let it go, it is time to be released. Phew~ we send a firmer bolus of light through that and in most cases, the wall dissolves. 

The first alignment I invite you to look for ‘is there anything within your DNA or within your cellular structure that has a memory that no longer serves you, a memory that says you need to stay small you need to stay back’. It’s important not to step outside of the box.

So, from that cellular memory, if this is a truth for you, clear out that truth, clear out that reality and in place of it observe the light.  Observe that essence that illuminates all.

In this space of looking, I am being shown that people that have been concerned about receiving the vaccination or being around others concerned that it may have an impact upon your cellular structure at this moment. Put forth the intention that if any of your cells have been tampered with due to something that was ingested, let that intention that you go through you need only work with that signature cell and that will speak to every other cell.

You go into that signature cell and if there was anything at all that has tampered with your cells creating problems for you, you find where that focus is you find where it speaks to everything else and in this moment, you just clean it out, you shear it off, you neutralize it, you take it out if possible, but if not, you neutralize it. And then immediately behind that, you send impulses of light from your divinity that move into your cell and as it does so sell to cell to cell to cell that is transitioning.

Perhaps you’ve had cancer or a chronic illness that is debilitating you. You ask to see where that is within your cellular structure. I’m noticing for this is that your signature cell looks clear and then down the line it has divergence around the cells that have made you sick.  At this moment feel your own consciousness find the balance find the pulsation of your soul, find the illumination and the light. From within your signature cell, you send it out throughout your entire bloodstream throughout your entire body and if it finds those cells that were caught up in cancer or other diseases, it takes a moment it replaces them with the illuminated high-frequency cells of your divinity.

You breathe in and breathe out.

As you align with your signature cell you put forth the clear intention that if there was something for you to learn due to one of those illnesses or whatever it was that you get that lesson, you receive that lesson and you move on.

As you continue to send that impulse of light into your signature cell especially if someone has had a chronic problem it may take it time to transform not only the cells of your bloodstream but the cells within your organ and regenerate the organs.  If you have a particular place within your body that you need to focus then allow your consciousness to go to wherever that is you visualize.  You feel you know within all of your consciousness that those cells are being replaced by the illuminated balanced cellular structure of the higher light frequency.

That moves through your entire system it moves through your entire physical body and as it does so it’s changing your emotional and mental bodies. Allow yourself to breathe in and out. Feel what that integration begins to feel like to you. Perhaps if there is something that has not been functioning well it will feel awkward or different as it comes back to balance. For some it may be instantaneous, for others, it may take some time.

Breathe in and breathe out.

If you have something else going on within you that as yet I have not touched upon, then you begin with your signature cell sending in the light; the balanced frequency of the fifth dimension and higher. Send it in from soul, from your own God source. You’re sending it into that cell and then it moves throughout your entire body.

This is how your frequency is moving through your body. Have a clear intention that your emotions, your mental body; everything that is you the human receives it and your vibration and frequency rises.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

This regeneration of your cellular structure will go on for as long as it needs to go. You have a clear intention of the healing the light energy as it moves through everything.

I’m going to clear out the energy of the All That Is with the intention that everything goes where it needs to go. And then bring up your signature cell one more time. Open to see the changes that have taken place. Many of you see multiple strands now that center around that core cell. Many of you see in your primary DNA that it’s much brighter and more illuminated. This is the healing experience that you provided for yourself!

You are very powerful!  You have an incredible ability to create change in all that you do. Open to receive what that is for you. You just allow that to transition; it goes wherever it needs to go and you integrate that clear potential and opportunity for healing energy.

I invite you to come back together as a group. Not only do you see all of you that are here and present but the many angels and light beings are also here within this space. Coming up within that circle you see the hologram of the earth. As you look at the hologram, I invite you to open to the perception that this hologram is also manifesting a DNA that is moving into a higher frequency.

In so many ways the earth has already done this. This is about linking the consciousness of humanity with that higher frequency of DNA that Gaia exudes.  You take that aspect of that it goes out through the universe, and then as you are ready to do so you release the remainder of the hologram. It goes down through the earth, it goes through the magnetic grid surrounding the earth.  And as it does so it anchors within the center of the earth.

The hologram then expands outward. It expands up through all that is here, your own transition is coming up from within where you are anchored within Gaia.  This is also coming up through the rest of the water into all of humanity giving everyone the potential to transform. It moves into the collective consciousness that surrounds humanity in particular clearing out the old control and manipulation clearing out everything that has kept people separated and small, opening up so that they may feel and know who they are and what it is to be high light frequencies.

As you continue to integrate that let the remainder of your consciousness come back down from where it was within the All That Is. As you move through your alignment to your soul pause for a moment and lookout. You have now opened up a doorway that allows you to connect with even more of your own divinity. Be open to receive.

That continues to come back down within you. As you integrate both through Gaia and through your own consciousness take a moment to send your consciousness into those tiny, tiny cells within your physical body that you may know that they have been activated and the blood flowing through your body is that of the higher light frequency, that it may transform everything that is within your body.

It moves through your bloodstream which moves through your organs which moves through your bones your skin every part of who you are.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

People might think that changing the cellular structure of not only your bloodstream but your organs, your body, your emotions is something that might take a very long time to occur; it does not. You have the ability to tap into these energies very, very easily because you’ve set up your alignment and relationship with your signature cell.

As you breathe deeply let your focus go into that signature cell and re-amplify the energies that are within it. As you meditate, as you sing, as you listen to music, as you experience these various happenings around you be open to know that you are creating a permanent transformation within you.

The higher frequency is here. Therefore, as you raise your own vibration into the frequency that is around you, you have the support of the universe and all the higher light energy. You are not alone, you are magnificent, you have the potential to be this complete individual that is you.

Beloved family, know that I am ever with you and within you!


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