At the beginning of this meditation, the Goddess speaks at length about Ansaluia.  This greeting can be used at the beginning or end of correspondence or conversations.  She helps you to connect within yourself and tap into your spirituality.  From there, you flow the energy of love and light to another person, group, or situation.  We are all aware of sensing the energy of people around us, particularly if it is something discordant with our own.  This is a way for us to become aware of what we send out and what we receive. 

We all have energy bodies, called chakras, within our physical bodies.  These are what connect us to our spirituality.  They are also linked to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.  They can become congested or blocked due to problems you have in your life. They can be over-expanded which can also lead to imbalances.  We, therefore, had an opportunity to clear out each one, then infuse it with light from the All That Is.  Once done, the Goddess had energy flow from the head center down through the root, then around the outside and back to the head.  After a short time, she reverses the flow to the other direction.  This cleared and balanced everything within each person. 

While balancing your chakras is very important to help you in life, the most important aspect of this meditation is the activation of your crystalline chakra which is your link to the crystalline light body.  In addition to that, activating the pineal gland is what opens the door to intuition and all your expanded abilities.  During this time of ascension, many people have already activated these parts in an unconscious manner.  When you connect with the pineal gland and crystalline chakra with fully conscious intention, it can advance your abilities even more.  

I hope this helps you to move forward in your life in a balanced, more expanded way. 

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