The majority of the time, these teleconferences are about releasing something and then opening to receive.  This one is about just receiving.  Have you had a situation recently where you just received energy?  We are programmed to do more, to be more, to constantly improve.  When we align with our divinity, we are truly in a place of just being who we are as our core essence.  This is the time when you can realize you don’t need to fix anything to be enough, you are enough…….right now!

We aligned with the central spiritual sun as a means of experiencing our own energy and light.  The sense of peace and awareness just kept growing and growing as if once we opened the door to allow in our own divinity; it became a huge wave of light energy. You can stop trying to be something for someone else and just be YOU for YOU and by you I mean your expression of your divine self.

At the very beginning the Goddess spoke about God and Goddess.  She spoke of the perception of God and how religions have controlled that over the years.  She spoke of who you are as your source and that’s the alignment with God/ Goddess.  You connect with your own source; from there you can connect with others.

Allow this meditation to nurture you and create a sense of peace and acceptance.  You are enough right now~~~~

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you no matter where you are in your physical location, no matter where you are within your life.

These times of coming together are a time that is filled with the energy and the love of the divine.  I as the Goddess of Creation represent the masculine and the feminine as expressed as the feminine.  I represent a balanced energy from source.

Each one of you have your own divinity.  You have your own energy and vibration that goes back into your soul and is the representation of who you are lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime.  As this happens I invite you to allow your energy to become conscious that you are more than just this lifetime.  That you are more than just what you perceive, not only as you link with your higher self, but as your divinity. You have that alignment with what is considered God or Goddess.

Who is god?  Who is the Goddess?  Throughout the years of your reported history God and Goddess have been the energies, most particularly God, has been the energy that represents the universal light. Depending upon one’s interpretation some may perceive God as vengeful and vindictive.  If that is one belief it is one’s belief, but I will say that it is perpetrated by people seeking to control other people.

Others have a perspective of God as unconditional love that is there to support you at all times.  Other people view God as something that is outside of themselves and yet gives you something to look towards as a role model so to speak.  There are other people that feel that God is looking at your life and writing down every single thing that you do and is keeping track of the time that you said a lie to the time that something major took place.  The truth is bits of pieces of any of this, because the truth is a reality that each of you create as a result of the light that you are living.

We speak every single time we get together of you aligning with your divine essence.  You go back into that space of your soul, and when you are within the energies of your soul that is when you are in the complete balance of God source energy.  It is from that vibration that you can link to the collective whole that represents God and Goddess.  Therefore when people seek to pray towards God, or request assistance, or meditate, or whatever that may be; many times they are linking into that collective consciousness that is God.

As the energies continue to the vibration within the fifth dimension you will become even more empowered as you seek God within you.  In doing so, you will strengthen that energy of your divine.  You will have a greater perception, not only for who you are, but through that high, high, high, light vibration you can reach out to others.

There is no right or wrong.  When it comes to someone’s beliefs a belief is simply that a belief.  If you transition or transform within your life you will sometimes let go old beliefs that no-longer serve you and you will open up to new beliefs that are coming from a new perspective from where you are in life right now.  Sometimes people feel the security; feel the strength of staying within the old beliefs.  It gives them that sense of awareness.  If it supports you then all is well.

As the earth continues to move into that higher vibration, most particularly in the fifth dimension, time moves more quickly.  When you consider what it was like living in the third dimension the vibration was denser, or thicker, or a little bit more challenging to move through.  Therefore time was slowed down because it moved slower through the energy.

So too at that time without the internet, the cell phones the technology that you have right now people communicated in different ways.  So the advancements in your technology, the shifting of the vibration, are the primary ways in which you are transitioning within your life and this is why some of those old habits or beliefs will no longer serve you.

It is okay to re-evaluate your life from time to time.  It is okay to step into a new beginning. It is okay to recognize that in the transformation of the All That Is there is a transformation upon the earth.  You are loved.  You are the expression of love.  I invite you to let that be your foundation for all that you do.

Take a deep breath in.  Allow that energy to move in through you.  It moves down moving all the way down into the earth.  Allow it to spread out so that you may feel those energies of the earth. You feel Gaia.  You feel the Elementals.  You feel the Minerals.  Let all of that move through as you are anchoring your energy.

You then allow your focus to come back up.  It moves up through your energy body, through your heart center and you send it up to the top of your head as if you allowed your consciousness, and your awareness to just stream following a column of light or beam of light that aligns you with your higher self.

Here you are within this space.  Here you may look around acknowledging the blend of you as the human and you as your divine.  Your higher self floats within these dimensions.  The more that you have of your human experience; it shifts the vibration closer to your physical reality.  The more you bring in of your divinity it raises the level of your higher self so as to encompass more of your divine essence.

No matter where you connect to this energy that is the blend of you – both human and divine – it is your place that you may go to any time you seek answers; anytime you seek a new perspective; anytime you need to clear out the energy of your everyday reality.  Sometimes even your higher self can get cluttered.  So if you so choose clear out the energy so that you have that greater balance within this space and that greater clarity so as to assist you.

If you so choose ask what part of this space represents my human reality.  For some it may feel as if the vibration shifts a little bit.  For some you may seem differences in the vibration.  For some it may feel exactly the same.  Now ask yourself how much of your higher self is filled with your divinity at this time and then allow your energies to expand so as to perceive that which is your divine.  For some you may feel that you rise up a little bit, others may feel more transparency and still others may say it is all the same.  There is no right or wrong.

Allow your focus to move even further so that you stream out following that thread of light, that thread of energy so that it may link into your divinity.  There is a cord, or a thread, or a string, whatever you want to perceive it as that connects you the human to you as your divine.  You can follow this up and down at any point.  It is there whether you perceive it or not.  You are linked to your soul essence and as you stream up within this space there is a sense of this energy expanding so that you yourself as your consciousness may merge within.

As your energy blends with your divinity you can feel or see that which is you.  You may have a sense of aspects of you; you may have a sense of just the warmth and the loving embrace.  For many it feels as if you have come home.  You have arrived.  This is where belong and it is always yours.  Nobody can ever take it away because this is your soul created by that speck of energy that created you as your God source and then it expanded to all the multitude of experiences.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you as you are here.  I reach out to embrace you the human and amplify you as your divine essence.  As our energies merge we shift into the All That Is.  As you arrive within this space look around, feel what is here for you.  This has been created through the consciousness and the focus of the universe.  It has also been created through the consciousness of those upon the earth that choose to come and be within this space either for transformation, manifesting, whatever it may be.

Even now with everyone here I’m considering in which direction I would like to go.  Doesn’t it seem that each time we have experiences about releasing and clearing out and then manifesting something new?  What I would like to do this evening is just bring in even more of your soul essence and even more of this universal light so that you can recognize how you do not always have to change.  You do not always have to………..  It is not all about fixing yourself.  It is about realizing that no matter where you are in life all is well.

Okay, I still find us moving down that pathway.  So first of all I invite each one of you to just go within your mind.  Go within your consciousness and just kind of expand that energy.  As this energy expands have that intention that you feel the flow and the love and the awareness from the All That Is.

Therefore if you are in the space of experiencing your life and you are wondering what is happening?  Where are we going?  What am I doing?  This alignment and expansion of your mental body is what opens up that door therefore allowing even more of that universal light to flow through you.

So just energetically stand in this space.  Okay if you would like to lay down; lay down.  Whatever suits you?  Or sit down.  As you allow your consciousness to expand opening up further you can begin to feel more and more deeply within you what it is to be in this vibration.  You already have an intrinsic vibration that emanates from you throughout your life.  Some of that vibration is where you are on a continuous basis.  Some of that vibration is in flux and shifts and changes as it moves through you.

As you continue to open up your energy you may begin to discern various colors.  There are some vibrations that emanate a particular color.  Some emanate the color clear.  Some people have a perspective of sparkles and others just blank space.  You are here in the All That Is.  You therefore have access to all of this vibration.  As this continues to soak within you it moves deeper and deeper through your consciousness.

I bring in the energy of the Central Spiritual Sun.  There is a sun that is in alignment with your universe.  There are other suns in alignment with other universes.  There is an alignment that links all of these together.  Some consider that this is where you were created as your soul essence.  Some people consider that the sun is what gave birth to the planets and the stars.

The Central Spiritual Sun is more than just the sun it is a place of consciousness. And your consciousness is more than just thoughts and beliefs and awareness.  Your consciousness is who you are as a soul essence.  Let that flow through you.  Therefore as you continue to expand your consciousness in essence you are expanding into more and more of your divinity.  With that it gives you a new perspective.  With that it gives you greater healing ability.  With that it gives you limitless potential.

So once more you open up.  Allow your energies to bask in this vibration.  You need not do anything, this is all about allowing.  As you allow the limitless vibration of the universe and even the omniverse to be in this alignment with you; you thereby allow your own daily life to be in this vibration.  Breathe in ~whew~ breathe out.

No matter what is taking place within your life when you are in this space you know that you are fully connected to every potential, to opportunities, to realities.  It is yours with which to create.

As you breathe in your energy and light let go any restrictions you may have around you.  As you breathe in acceptance for who you are let that move through you going through your consciousness, let it go through your human expression of yourself.  Let everything just move.  This is a great potential.  This is your opportunity.

When people created upon the earth they would many times tap into this vibration and focus it into what they were creating.  You have that potential to do it on your own.  As you continue to soak up these energies you can take a look at your life and where would you like to focus this energy or this vibration.

As you allow yourself to be fully present in the moment you may decide that certain things are not as bad as what you thought that certain things had more potential than what you thought.  All in all this is your opportunity to not only receiving this limitless energy, but now begin to play with it within your life.  This is not a job.  This is not an expectation.  This is about the pure joy and excitement of creating.

Perhaps it is time to let go of some of your past creations.  Perhaps it is time to open up and feel the expression for who you are.  Perhaps it is time to just be YOU.   Perhaps it is time that you accept this opportunity and potential and that when you express it outward to the world you are actually expressing a more authentic and genuine you, because it doesn’t need any explanation.

It doesn’t need for you to explain yourself.  I just said that.  For you to explain yourself, but it is about defending yourself also.  As you let go what anybody thinks about you, you no longer need the defenses or explanatory instead you need only express you.  Express you on every level.  I can feel it moving through all of you while you are here in the All That Is.  I can also feel it moving down into you in your everyday reality.

So often humanity has the perception that they have to explain yourself.  You have to explain to people why you made a decision.  You have to explain to people why you seek to manifest something.  How often is that explanation to others a way of confirming it for you? I would invite you to begin and do things because you want to, because it makes you happy.  You may do things with other individuals and because it makes them happy, but if you are collaborating there must be something within you that still nurtures you and still makes you feel happy and still finds that vibration.  This is what it is for you to just be you.  This is what it is when you embrace all of this immense energy in this now moment.  This is what it is as you live your life.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you do so you may sense people.  You may sense the Angels and the Light beings that are also here.  As you look around at the others that are present in this now moment feel that inner peace that goes even more deeply within you.  If you have this greater inner peace you are not having those internal arguments or frustrations, therefore as you look at the people around you you do so from a place of peace love and acceptance.

Allow yourself to feel who you are.  There we go and just as you can accept yourself you can accept the other people that are around you.

We invite that hologram of the earth to come back in the center of you.  As it does so begin to discern that it evolves and each one of you evolves in its consciousness. The light of that Central Spiritual Sun is still here within and around you so it infuses into the hologram.  As the hologram expands in vibration it moves into a higher lighter vibration that is in balance with who you are.

If you have a particular intention that you would like to infuse into this hologram you may do so.   Over all I the Goddess infuse it with the energies of acceptance of nurturing of allowing; in doing so this will create a new potential for all who live upon the earth.

This hologram gets released.  It flows down it moves into the earth.  There is that space where an aspect of it goes out into the universe and the omniverse, so that all the aspects of that perspective find their alignment and balance with the earthly perspective.  The hologram itself moves down into the earth.  As it links within the center of the earth it is activating the crystals.  It is blending with the vibration of the magnetic grid and as all of that is taking place it expands moving outwards.

It moves through the layers of the earth.  It comes up upon the surface of the earth and each one of you have that part of your own energy that is coming up within you.  So too this energy comes up within the lakes, the grass, the trees the flowers.  So too this energy is clearing out the collective consciousness of the earth.  It is clearing out and allowing for that new potential of basking in that Central Spiritual Sun, but more importantly accepting who you are.

I just hear someone say the good, the bad, the ugly!  We do not judge so I would not look at that way, but I will say that what your perception is and what my perception is there is only that which is you.  It is therefore beautiful.  It is therefore an expression of your divinity.  Allow that to be to move first and foremost from you and out to everyone within your life.

As your energies continue to balance within your human self allow yourself to reach up with your consciousness, bring that piece of your expanded consciousness that was still out in the All That Is.  Allow that to come back.  Perceive your divinity as what it is now and then more and more of that streams back down as you align here within that collective consciousness, excuse me, within your higher self then notice how much things shift, adjusting to the greater amount of your divinity, and then even more of your divinity comes down into you in your everyday reality.  You just brought it up from what was anchored within the earth and now you bring it down in your divinity so that this energy of you may now flow through you, within you, and around you, supporting you in all ways.  You may discern that certain things just disappear.  They’re no longer there.  They no longer bother you.  You are open to receive.

All right beloved family as you continue to move through your days upon the earth, take this an opportunity to really get in touch with who you are.  To really get in touch with what resonates for you or what is your truth when it comes to expressing yourself in this world.

As you do so you will strengthen your own energy.  You will strengthen your perception of self and that in turn will allow your life to manifest in somewhat completely differently and in other ways in a much more supportive environment.

Beloved I see you for the magnificent amazing person that you are.  Beloved I am here in support of you as you open up to your own support and love within yourself.