This meditation is a little different than the other Goddess Light meditations.  So often the Goddess is working with people to become aware of what brought them to that moment and help to clear, releasing the past.  This time she starts with where we are right now, with the integration of the 5th Dimension.  The 5th dimension and higher is based on a love frequency. 

Humanity and the Earth have already integrated so much of this higher frequency.  It is here, it is not leaving, it is the foundation for all the change that is taking place. As each new frequency or level of vibration is fully integrated, it opens the potential for the next, and next, and next to come in. During this channel, you can experience these higher-level frequencies and see how they can help you in life.  So too, they expand your intuition in a significant way. 

The pineal gland is locked in the brain and is associated with the 3rd eye.  To fully function in these higher frequencies, the pineal gland will need to be activated.  Some people have already moved through this, however, the majority of humanity including those who are currently awakening may not as yet have an activated pineal.  This channel helps with that as it works for some, it becomes available. for all.  I sense that some will have an activated pineal gland without and awareness and others will feel strong symptoms of change as this awakens. 

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There was a much smaller group who attended this teleconference and therefore only two questions!  Perhaps there will be more next time. 



Channeled message transcript coming soon.

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