This meditation is a little different than the other Goddess Light meditations.  So often the Goddess is working with people to become aware of what brought them to that moment and help to clear, releasing the past.  This time she starts with where we are right now, with the integration of the 5th Dimension.  The 5th dimension and higher is based on a love frequency. 

Humanity and the Earth have already integrated so much of this higher frequency.  It is here, it is not leaving, it is the foundation for all the change that is taking place. As each new frequency or level of vibration is fully integrated, it opens the potential for the next, and next, and next to come in. During this channel, you can experience these higher-level frequencies and see how they can help you in life.  So too, they expand your intuition in a significant way. 

The pineal gland is locked in the brain and is associated with the 3rd eye.  To fully function in these higher frequencies, the pineal gland will need to be activated.  Some people have already moved through this, however, the majority of humanity including those who are currently awakening may not as yet have an activated pineal.  This channel helps with that as it works for some, it becomes available. for all.  I sense that some will have an activated pineal gland without and awareness and others will feel strong symptoms of change as this awakens. 

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There was a much smaller group who attended this teleconference and therefore only two questions!  Perhaps there will be more next time. 



Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family I reach out from my heart to yours I reach out to send my love, my light, my energy into each one of you. You choose to be here as a part of this meditation whether it’s at the time of the recording or it’s at a later time. But your choice to come in and be a part of this energy automatically opens up the energy fields within and around you so as to be open to the love and the light of your own divinity.

This is your time to feel connected within your human self. This is the time to let go of all the things that may be going on around you, so that you may replenish your own energy stores. The world continues to move through the transformation of the ascension process, whether this is something brand new to you or you’ve participated in for years and years you are wherever you are in this now moment. I invite you to focus upon raising the vibration and the frequency in which you live so as to align with that higher light frequency.

The simple word that is associated with this is love; the love frequency. We’ve spoken countless times about love; the love that comes straight down from your divinity, the love that you receive any time you take care of yourself or nurture yourself, the love that you receive as you allow someone else to support and nurture you.

It is more important than ever for you to have that clear intention of your expanded energy fields especially when you focus upon love. Just feel what that is as you sit quietly and allow yourself to focus on breathing deeply and easily.

Take another deep breath in and send a ball of energy that you create within your heart center, send it down through your energy bodies until it goes within the earth. As you feel your energies merge with Gaia take a moment and absorb the frequency and the love vibration that goes with these higher vibrations from Gaia herself.

You allow that flow of energy to come back up through that column of light that you sent down you anchor it within your heart and then you send another column of light it moves up through your throat, your third eye, your head center; it goes all the way up until you align with your higher self.
As you feel your consciousness shift as it moves upwards within that space, look around. This is where you practice whatever it may be that you are seeking to manifest. Your higher self is a place that flows easily into your human consciousness, allow that flow to move freely so that you can expand your intuition.

You then continue to send that stream of energy; it moves up from your higher self you follow that thread of light or energy that links you to your soul. You just have that intention that your consciousness flows easily up into your divinity. And as you arrive within this space, your energy just expands even bigger.

Some of you continue to feel as if you see a human that you merge with. Others of you feel as if you are just stepping into a space of energy. Others have that sense of a God source perhaps that image of what God is like to you. Understand that ultimately this is your divinity and you are connecting so that you may receive the unconditional love and light. As your consciousness merges it all flows down within you.
More and more you are able to discern the various lifetimes that are available through this space. You may also have an opportunity to see the aspect of you that lives out within the universe. It is as if when you look around you see pieces of lifetimes and experiences that created you as your soul.

Every one of you have so many experiences. Some are more so out within the universe some are more so on the earth plane. Just breathe in, and feel what that is.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. I reach out to you and as I do so, I embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge everything shifts and move into the All That Is.

Look around, this is your place of creation. It may feel very comfortable to you because you return here again and again. It may feel like it’s something brand new and you are perhaps aligning with the place that is new to you. So much of the universal love flows within this space.
When we were together in our last session, (July 04, 2021, Embrace Freedom), we worked at bringing into you freedom as you let go of the past. Freedom can be defined differently depending on where you are within your life. Even in your own life what was freedom when you were younger versus freedom right now maybe two separate things. As each of us worked within this place to clear out old chords and energy, as you recall, we also did it for the entire earth, for all of humanity upon the earth.

So let us take the next step and I’m going to open up a flow of energy and light that is all the higher lighter frequencies, some of which have yet to come into the earth plane in a strong manner. As you take a deep breath in, as you expand your consciousness, receive this higher light frequency. For some of you, it may not be something that is discernible within your consciousness. However, being open to receive is all that you need.
Your clear intention allows you to receive all that is happening and an alignment to all of these frequencies. Take a deep breath in, and allow yourself to balance. For some of you it’s as if your head feels tight or as if there’s too much energy so expand your energy field. Expand your consciousness even further so that you may be open to receive. Within these higher frequencies, you will begin to activate various energy fields within you.

Let us begin with your pineal gland within your third eye. And as we do so have a conscious intention that you receive the light and the energy as it goes within activated through your pineal gland. Whew~ and then clear out if there’s any residual or anything at all that keeps it from being open and pliable. And again, we go through and as we link within the pineal gland within you ~whew~ you let go of any old energies or lower vibrations that may have held it constricted.

As that continues to open then again be in the space and the flow of all these higher light frequencies. Especially when you are here in the All That Is, everything is happening in the now moment. Every time that you return to this space and perhaps even listen to this again, you will be in a different place within your own alignment.

As this is activating within you, have a clear intention that the crystalline energy body that is becoming activated in almost all of humanity, that that which is within you becomes activated and aligned within these frequencies. Indeed, the crystalline body is already aligned within these frequencies, but what I speak of is as it relates to you let that alignment be open and balanced within you.

The crystalline frequency is different than what you are used to having around your human self. Therefore, allow it to simply move through. It finds its own intrinsic balance within you and it clears out anything of a lower frequency than you may be holding onto.

I always enjoy and communicating with you as we do these experiences. Because what I just realized as I saw amongst you that some of you will find that things just disappeared and cleared out but yet you brought it back because you are in the habit of having that; pain in your lower back, headaches, problems with relationships. Whatever it was, simply allowing yourself to be in this flow and this light clears and rebalances everything within you. There you go. I invite you to let it go once and for all. ~whew~ ~whew~ Let it go.

Consider your mental body. Especially since you just integrated the crystalline, your mental may have a slightly different perception. Your thoughts, your beliefs that structure your everyday life or influence the decisions that you make; allow your mental body to receive the flow of the love and the light not only from the All That Is but that crystalline frequency that flows up and down through these expanded levels of consciousness. ~whew~

One of the things that just came to me, is I invite you to allow your mental body to let go of your connection and your hooks into everything that is happening in the world. Ultimately the fifth dimension is here, it’s going to be permanent, it is permanent! So, I invite you to keep yourself from getting hooked into the drama that is being played out. Absolutely be aware but give it as little focus and attention as possible. You can see waves of energy as your mental body integrates with your crystalline.

Your emotional body, for some it is more fluid for others it can be very rigid if you are stuck in particular patterns in your emotions. Let go of any of those low-frequency emotions; jealousy, anger, fear in particular. Just let them go and breathe in love. Breathe in light. Breathe in and receive all that is available through these higher frequencies.

Your physical body is that vehicle that you have in this lifetime. Your fingers, your hands, your arms, your torso, your legs, your head; whatever it may be it is what you have chosen for this lifetime. Allow it to receive these energies of the higher frequency so that it may reflect outward to the world who you are. Allow these crystalline energies to help heal anything within your body that may need to be healed again and again and again.
Allow the opportunity to truly be your soul essence as you live your life. Breathe in and breathe out. These higher light frequencies are quite activated within the universe. Some of the other planets have already been there, others of the planets are ascending just as the earth is. Therefore, as each one of you receive the flow of these higher frequencies it will allow you to expand into a greater awareness not only of all the elements and potentials upon earth; but the universal light.

You are so amazing! You have chosen to be human at this time, you have the opportunity to let go an entire dimension and integrate higher light frequencies, what a gift that is! How exciting to be able to participate in this ascension of your planet and the universe. Breathe in and know that all of that alignment with the higher frequencies will become stronger and stronger and stronger within you.

Your intuition is received through energies that come from all your energy bodies. Perhaps it’s just a knowing, something you see, maybe you smell or sense or feel. With the integration of these higher frequencies, everybody will expand in all of their senses and in all of their gifts and abilities to receive through their intuition.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Every time that you take a breath in and breathe out, you are pulling everything that we do deeper and deeper into your physical reality.

Utilizing all of the gifts that you have and this expanded awareness; look at your life. Are there things that you would like to clear out? Are there other aspects that you would like to shine the light of your love and awareness so as to expand? If there are things within your life that frustrate you, but you are going to just continue; send the light and the love into those situations.

You cannot change anybody else. However, you can change your own frequency and vibration in those moments. Let that peaceful balanced love radiate from you. ~whew~ Send a ball of energy that represents this light frequency into whatever that situation may be.

I invite you to come back together as a group. Some of you are still flowing out wherever you needed to go for this journey, but we come back creating a loose circle. And as everyone is within this circle there may be layers of star beings and light beings behind you. But everyone flows into the circle the intention and the clarity of these higher light frequencies.

As they blend together you may notice different colors, different shapes, different movements in the flow of energy. And you see coming up within the midst of all that the hologram of the earth. This hologram looks like the earth, it is aligned with the earth. You see it absorbing all of that energy that was put forth by all of you. You may notice how the earth seems to expand, this hologram of the earth expands, and light shines forth from within the hologram.

There is an aspect that goes out through the universe and the remainder of that hologram goes down into the earth. As it moves through the matrix of light energy around it you can see how the matrix itself continues to expand and illuminate. For some of you, you may notice that there is only a minor amount that is not yet light. So, the light moves through everything clearing it out and that hologram goes down into the earth.

As it moves into the center of the earth it anchors. It anchors with the magnetics, it anchors with the crystals, and then it begins to come upward. All of that energy and light moves through every layer of the earth and it comes up through the surface into each one of you. It comes up into every human making available to them this potential of awakening and expanding their consciousness. It is theirs to receive or not.

It also comes up through the grass, the waters, the trees, the animals. And everything becomes infused with that light frequency and it communicates one to the next, to the next, to the next.

For you, you bring back into you the remainder of your consciousness; that which was out in the All That Is. It flows into your soul essence within the soul plane, it comes back down to your higher self, and feel it as it streams back within you. It merges with what came up from Gaia and I invite you to take a moment to feel your transformation, and that you integrate these higher frequencies into your physical body. And then your emotional, mental, spiritual, crystalline; all those energy bodies move within and around you, there may be a horizontal vertical and every direction. Expand your energy field so that you may integrate as much as possible. Take a deep breath in and breathe out

So, as you continue to work with your expanded pineal gland, as you continue to integrate the crystalline energies and as you truly open to these much higher frequencies; become aware of what your day is like. It will transition. You will have new opportunities.

Know that I am always with you and within you.


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