Our soul lives on and on through eternity.  We have all experienced many lifetimes in this earth plain and out within the universe.  We have the ability to tap into these experiences through our divinity.  Your soul consists of these experiences and your God source.

During the channel the Goddess first of all spoke about the choices we make in life.  We have the choice to respond one way or another and that is what impacts our daily life.  She spoke of how we as humanity have moved over the hump in our ascension process.  It’s now moving into a vibration where those who are unconscious are becoming aware.  They may not say ‘I’m awakening consciousness’ but they are questioning the why and how of their lives.

Once we moved into the All That Is, the Goddess set up a place where we first of all were able to align with our angels and guides into greater awareness.  From there, with their assistance, we were able to look at a screen or a hologram of our lives.  We then took an opportunity to bring up one or more past lives first of that show us we CAN do what we wish in this lifetimes because we’ve done it before.  We then looked at what has been a pattern that no longer works for us and we had the chance to clear out all the relationships at once.

The Goddess finishes with us standing in the energy of the moon as it reflect ourselves back at us; but also as it amplifies our energies. Through this you can feel empowered and even more clear in your direction in life.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all of who you are as you are here in this moment of communication with me.

There has recently been a full moon upon the earth that was actually in one way of looking at it, the closing up of the portal associated with the Lion’s Gate. There was an eclipse that went along with it, and this transition of events is what has caused a number of people to be feeling out of sorts, ungrounded or as if they are trying to figure out what they need to have within their life.

When I say that the portal has closed, it never fully closes but it’s gone from over expanded down into this smaller proportion of it. When there are energy portals upon the earth, it is in essence a place in which the energy that comes from both the universe and from within the earth, become amplified as they move through that space. Sometimes, it allows you to move between dimensions; sometimes it allows you to open the door to past lifetimes. Sometimes, it is an opportunity where the star beings or the universal beings are able to come into the earth, to work with those upon the earth.

The transitions taking place are getting to what one might call a peak but they are also over the hill so to speak. The way that that expressed through Shelly did not come out the way that I had intended for it to be. So we are going to stop that and try again!

Throughout the Ascension process upon the earth in which you are living there have been waves and waves of energy. There have been waves of energy that move throughout the consciousness of the earth from the time in which there was consciousness upon the earth. Many, many times those who were living upon the earth were completely unaware of what was taking place. It was all functioning or moving through the unconscious level.

As we speak of the conscious Ascension that’s been taking place for all this time, we are speaking about the waves of energy that move through with the intention that it assists humanity with opening up. One may say, “What is there to open up to? Why would anyone want to?” and most likely anyone who’s watching or listening to this already knows.

But what’s really key to understand is that when people are consciously seeking this information and consciously looking for a way in which to live their life that creates a more fulfilling space; it is here, it is available to you.

These are the individuals who have already moved up and over a very steep peak that has allowed the consciousness of the earth to move into a space where it’s beginning to move beyond; bring it in, bring it in, bring it in to integrate, integrate, integrate. Therefore I wish to celebrate with you how much work you have done, how much energy has shifted and what has transpired and indeed express my deep appreciation for all that is taking place.

Because of you the earth has been able to transition into this higher level of consciousness, which brings up the second part of what I was speaking about a moment ago. All of the billions of people that are in essence unconscious of what’s been taking place are now feeling the trigger to step into consciousness. This has been going on for perhaps the last 6 to 9 months. With the equinox, coming up in September it will be the completion of a cycle and with that completion there will be a great, great, great many more people that will become aware of the transformation taking place.

It makes me smile because the question that came through my consciousness from those of you present was: “Does this mean that all of these people will begin to ask about the Ascension? Is that what this is indicating?”

There will indeed be many people that ask about Ascension but most likely what they are going to ask about is: “How can I have more meaning within my life? How can I find that unconditional love that I am seeking to have?  Where do I look for a means of finding out what it is to live within source energy?” Well maybe that last one wouldn’t be quite the question that people ask but that’s the gist of what people will be saying or coming to realize.

As this happens, many of you will find just in your everyday conversations that you speak about some of these things and interests that you’ve had for all these years. Many of you will begin to find that there is no longer as much of the dragging behind your energy that’s been present for so very long because as there is an increased volume and an increased number of those people beginning to question and look, it will help to diffuse that dense heavy energy that has wreaked havoc upon so many of you within this journey.

So to say “the time is here”, the time is here. It is with great joy and excitement that we can say this. I hear you, someone else was just saying, “but we’ve heard this for so very long, what is different this time or when is it going to be for real?”

So, I invite you to make that choice in your life. Make the choice that you are going to step onto that easy path. Make the choice that you are no longer are going to drag around any of that heavy energy that no longer suits you. Make the choice that no matter what you live in the alignment of love. Love from yourself, love from your divinity, love from you as God source energy. It is here. I invite you to open.

I invite you to now take one more deep breath sending it down into the earth. Whenever I speak more at the beginning, I like to re anchor your energies; therefore as you send your energies down and into the earth let it just spread out anchoring you here, so that as it comes back up within you, you send your consciousness up. You send it out from the top of your head. You allow yourself to align within your higher self.

As you move within this space, look around at all that is here. Look around at these energies and vibrations that are here for you. If you see something here that is no longer working for you or if it is a project that you have not yet either started or completed, just clear it out. ~ Whew~ As you clear it out you open up for the new beginning to come within this more expanded energy. Allow your consciousness to stream even further. It continues to follow that cord of light that links you as the human into you as your divinity.

As this arrives within your divinity open to feel who you are. Open to feel the essence of you as your God source, you as your divinity, you as you are made up of the many, many different experiences both upon the earth and out within the universe.

Take a deep breath in and breathe that energy down within you as your human self but also let it expand moving out into even more of your divinity. Allow yourself to soak up the energies of love. Feel how you don’t need to do anything. You need only be you. You need only be in this flow of light.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst each one of you. As I reach out to embrace you I illuminate for you and reflect back all of who you are. As our energies merge we shift moving into the All That Is.

As your energy flows look around at all that is here for you.

We keep speaking about the higher vibrations that are coming into the earth. We speak about Ascension. We speak about the transitions taking place upon the earth.

For this moment as we begin our opening awareness for this evening, I invite you to have a sense of looking around.

You may perceive certain Angels or guides that are here waiting for you. Some of them are your guides that’ve been working with you for a while; others are coming to meet you at this time because they are ready to be in this next phase of what’s taking place for you.

I believe one of the ways in which we’re going to look at things this evening is that we have that sense of great big huge screens coming up in front of you. If you prefer, you can have a sense of just looking at a hologram out in the universe or within the All That Is. But howsoever you choose to visualize it, take a moment, gather your guides around you and allow their energies to support you so that you will have an even greater perception as you look at these images.

I first invite you to ask to see yourself from the eyes of your divinity in this lifetime. So, first of all just clear it out ~whew~ because immediately you see yourself as you see yourself in this life. I’m speaking of how to look at yourself from that God source energy.

As you do so you may notice that some of those things that you thought of as weakness were actually reflecting strength. As you continue to perceive these images or maybe get a sense of certain experiences in your life, I invite you to look at how your divinity sees you with compassion.

Take a moment so that you may feel and know or sense even more than what is coming up on the screen.

If there is a burden that you have been carrying with you, give it away. Use this as an opportunity to go deep within yourself and as you’re looking at that screen, as you’re looking as if you’re looking at somebody else just reach out and help to remove whatever that burden is ~whew~ and get rid of it. ~Whew~ Let it go.

If there is frustration, then pull up any frustration you may feel ~whew~ and let it go.

If there’s any fear, anger, if there is any emotion that no longer works for you ~whew~ let it go. And as you continue to look at those images be open to see how you have so much more potential than what you ever realized.

As you look at these images illustrated in front of you, we ask that you be shown any lifetime, whether it’s upon the earth or out here in the universe, but we ask that you see for yourself a lifetime that represents success.

I’m smiling because success in any form is about perception sometimes. So let me narrow it down just a little bit. Ask to know for any lifetime, past, present or future that helps you to see where you have been successful already with what you seek to do or perhaps to have or perhaps a way in which you would like to live.

Now, as you look at these other lifetimes some may surprise you and for some it may be a sense that the situations are not exactly the same but that energy that is utilized in that lifetime is similar to what you seek. So look at these energies. Recognize that you have it within you from within your divinity and consciously let that flow through you.

If there is a pattern that has gone through various lifetimes for you and it still having an impact upon this lifetime, let’s take a moment to look at that. See perhaps one lifetime. Did it show up again? Did it perhaps show up again?

As you are an observer looking at these lifetimes, how do you feel? Can you feel the compassion you have for yourself in that other lifetime? Do you have any sense of information or answers that you would give that individual?

As you look at that lifetime, is there a potential or is there something from it that you can see now so that you may transition the energies, because as you look at your life now and you see that common thread, let’s take a moment to bring it up within you. You breathe down deep into your heart center and then you bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. ~whew~ As you clear it out in this now moment recognize how it creates a transition in multiple lifetimes.

After you’ve released that, you consciously intend that you flow that unconditional love, light and energy into each one of those lifetimes and into your current lifetime so that you can feel that unconditional love, that unconditional acceptance.

We clear out those images and I invite you to again look at what is here in front of you and this time see yourself as successful in what you seek to have.

As people are looking at this there are certain things that now seem to be so obvious. There are other things that feel as if it’s a great burden that has been released and as you’re looking around step into that image. As you step into it let yourself feel what it is. You can now see where you’ve been successful lifetime after lifetime. You can now see what it is to have cleared out and released past lifetimes so that in this now moment you can have all of that supporting energy here and available to you.

I invite you to just let go of the screen or whatever you used for your images and this time invite your Angels or guides to come in a little closer to you so that you may have a conversation.

As you open to this clarity ask, “Is there something I should know that is in my best interest at this time?”

You may also choose to ask, “Is there anything that I need to do? Are there any steps that I need to take that will help me to get to where I seek to go?”

As you take a moment and just really look at your guides, open to feel that unconditional love, that unconditional acceptance for who you are.

So much is happening upon the earth. So much is taking place within you in your everyday life. As you are here in this space of the All That Is you can feel it allowing it to come in and support you.

How would it feel to have absolutely no cares or worries within your life? How would it feel to be able to just accept yourself in this now moment? It is possible. You may do so. Be open to receive what that is in this now moment.

As you live your life upon the earth, as you have each moment of feeling that energy and that balance it opens up to the next moment of contentment, peace and balance which is the next moment of joy, happiness, excitement; so that moment by moment, by moment you are creating the life that you seek. You recognize that there is so much here for you. You recognize that you’ve got the support around you. Be open to receive.

We spoke recently about the portals. We also spoke about the full moon and the eclipse. We’ve spoken in the past about the solar flares and the different ways in which you solar system is set up to support you in your everyday life. As the earth moves into a higher vibration there is a re-adjustment and a re-alignment with all the stars and planets within you solar system. This’s been taking place for thousands of years. You therefore as you are opening up consciously have the ability to tap into this expanded flow.

As you are here looking around the All That Is, step into the energy of the full moon; it is past its prime, it’s past, it’s already moving into the next new moon but step into the full moon for this moment so that you may feel what that is to have that amplified energies of the moon as it reflects. It reflects your solar system, it reflects the consciousness of the solar system and it amplifies all as it comes into the earth.

As you stand here in front of the moon. Allow it to really create a greater clarity for how you see yourself.

See yourself with that strength first and foremost that is within you. See yourself as the individual who is making choices in their life so as to move in a particular direction. See yourself as someone who is empowered by your many past lifetimes and your ability to create clarity. See yourself in whatever way most resonates with you in your strength and power and divinity.

If the full moon is reflecting back to you things that cause you to feel less than or frustrated or angry or if it’s reflecting all that is not happening within your life then once more open up and feel that unconditional love of your divinity flow through you again. It flows through you with ease. It flows through you with care and it can clear out anything that keeps you feeling less than.

So look again in the reflection of the moon. Let it amplify you with what you seek to have and manifest.

I invite you to take this moment to bring all of who you truly are as your divine self back together as a group of individuals that are expressing yourself as who you are and then as you see the other people you see them as their divine self. They see you as your divine self and in this community of souls you support one another. You are not alone. They are here in support of you and you can be that individual that supports them also.

From within this group the hologram of the earth comes up. Consider how it used to look, maybe 8 to 10 years ago as we began these journeys. Look at it now.

Here is one of the indicators of how much you have done in service to the earth. It is also a reflection of how much you have done for yourself. Infuse the energies into the earth, of you, in that knowledge, in that expression of who you are. Let all of that flow from you into the earth.

And as the hologram receives it, it begins to sparkle and you can feel that expansion. You let it go from within this group. There’s that part that goes out to the universe. The remainder of it goes down into the earth.

As these energies go within the earth it anchors so that it then begins to come back up. As it’s moving through the earth it’s helping to stabilize the higher vibrational energies. There’s always that crystalline infusion in everything that you do with the hologram so it’s activating those crystals within the earth and it’s helping to stabilize and balance from within the earth so that upon the earth it continues to clear out the energies that are upon the earth.

You may have a sense of feeling it come up within you. Let it anchor within your heart center and then let it radiate out from you. So too, it comes up through the grass, the trees. It flows through the waters creating this expanded consciousness, creating greater balance and amplifying the clarity.

As you have that sense of looking down from the All That Is you may see how particles and debris are just released and transformed into the energies.

Take a moment to once again communicate with your guides and your Angels. Take a moment to recognize all that light body and crystalline energy that is here with you. Invite these energies to remain within you and around you as support within your life.

You then allow your own self to start streaming down. You move back into your divinity once more feeling that expanded love and acceptance. Your energy streams down. You come through your higher self. Look at how even your higher self has transitioned so as to create the support for you. You then bring your energies down into you the human in your life upon the earth.

As you anchor within feel the adjustment that takes place with all that came up from the center of the earth and the hologram. Feel that expanded flow of love from your divinity.

Allow yourself to accept the immense potential that is here for you and anything at all that no longer works ~whew~ clear it out.

Beloved family, as you move through your days upon the earth be aware that you may have flashes of insights and intuition from other lifetimes that will blead through. This may happen as a means of giving you the opportunity to clear out, to clear out your current life time; your past lifetimes, whether they’re past or parallel or however you want to think about that. No matter what it may be that comes to you recognize that you have that direct alignment of your divinity.

Let the divine love, compassion and awareness just wash through you and allow yourself to express your life from a place of love and balance. Be open to receive the unconditional love of source. Be open to express who you are as that divine individual.

Beloved family I am always with you and within you.



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