Happy New Year!! Welcome, 2022!

This channel was on January 2nd which gives us the opportunity to truly begin with the energies of a new year.  Every year, people will take an opportunity to create change. However, change may not occur.  Our energy can be very, very entrained within us and now that we are living in the higher frequencies, it will begin to become easier to create true change.

What does the new energy mean to you? We speak about the 5th dimension but for many people, this is just an unknown. I find that in many ways, it is easier to speak of symptoms or changes in the experiences rather than just speaking of a number. Ever since December 21, 2020, the Earth has vibrated at the higher frequency of the 5th Dimension.  Now that one year has passed, this is far more integrated into humanity.  In addition, due to this change in vibration, the 3rd Dimension is becoming deactivated or perhaps even nonexistent.  You may then ask, what does that mean?  The lower the dimension, the lower the frequency, the easier it is to get stuck in emotions that hold you back.

During this channel, when in the All That Is, it was as if we looked to the left and could see the past years and how they were impacted upon our lives.  Then as we looked to the right and 2022 and beyond, we could see, feel, sense the changes taking place.  This time, as the Goddess worked with everyone, she assisted with removing the old patterns and stuck energy. Most often, it was disappointment over things that had not manifested. In order to move forward, there needs to be a clearing out of the emotions, beliefs, stuck energy, or whatever is holding people back. Tonight, a great deal of that took place.

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved loving family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you and all of humanity as you begin yet another year upon the Earth.

The Solstice and the Equinox are always very powerful times of the years because of their alignment with the Universe. Society puts together what they consider a year; what is the beginning, what is the end, and therefore it takes on its own energy because it has been within and around you for so very long. This is just one day after the beginning of a new year. Therefore, it is a terrific time for you to pay attention not only to where you are in your life but what you seek to have.

There are massive changes taking place in the world. Sometimes when you were in the busyness of your everyday life things happen around you of which you have no idea. However, they’re still taking place. Sometimes when you have something within your life that takes all of your focus it can draw you in and keep you from remembering to breathe deeply and to take time to nurture and support yourself, because your focus is on something in particular. So too, there may be something outside of you such as what may be happening in the world that keeps you focused or fixated. This new beginning that you are standing upon in this now moment, and even if you listen to it later, it is still the energy of a new beginning so you may take the opportunity for new beginnings within your life.

We will continue to create that ball of energy within your heart center because every time that you work with your energy bodies and send that energy down into the Earth, not only are you assisting Gaia but you are assisting yourself. So, imagine if you will that there is a golden ball of energy and light that swirls in and around your heart center and then you take a little piece of it and it goes down through your solar plexus, sacral, root centers, and down into the Earth. It becomes a beam of light that is anchoring you to the planet. As it connects with Gaia this is a means of grounding you. It is also a means for you to work with the energies of Gaia because it naturally spreads out moving in different directions.

That energy of the Earth comes back up through that column of light anchoring within your heart once more. Take a moment to simply feel the Earth. Tap into that pulsation as it is anchoring back within your heart. You may feel the vibration or a frequency. It may be as if you hear the heartbeat. You then send more of that ball of light and you can envision it once more circling through your heart center. It goes through your throat, your third eye, your head center, your crystalline energy body and it moves upward.

The first space that you come into connection with is that of your Higher Self. This is going to become more and more and more accessible to you in your everyday life. Some of you are already very well aware and move up and down within the space. However, as this year unfolds that will become easier for everybody to tap into.

As you look around some of you may see a reflection of your everyday life. You may sense or feel other energies that are here and they don’t have a particular form. Since this is the beginning of a new year, I invite you to just clear it out. Do not be concerned I understand how some of you just don’t want to let go of certain things, but I’m asking in this moment that you clear out your Higher Self letting go of whatever it is that is within this space until you look around and it’s like this sparkling essence of potential.

I felt a surge move through each one of you as you tapped into that potential.

Your consciousness continues to move upward. As it does so it connects into your I AM presence. Look around at what this is. Okay, what I’m hearing from some people is that perception of not having aligned with their Divinity. So, one way that may be easier for you is that as you come into the space of the soul plane in which your Soul resides, it’s a stopping off point so to speak, you may have that perception of seeing an individual or you may just see open space with pockets of energy; it just may feel as if you are in a place of expansion. There is no right or wrong for any of this. It is all about how it may be within your own perception.

As you step within this space you have a clear intention of merging with your Divinity. Now I can feel many more of you able to have that greater perception take place. Your Divinity consists of many of the other lifetimes that you have had. It is your doorway to the Universe. It is your access to the Central Sun and of course, there’s that direct and continuous flow that moves up and down through you.

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace you. As our energies merge together everything moves into the All That Is. Okay, some of you may notice that the vibration of the All That Is, is a little bit different frequency. You might call it a higher frequency. It may feel more transparent. Just as the consciousness of the Earth is transforming, so too, is the consciousness of the Universe. Which in turn means that the All That Is and the other places in which you create within your life are also adjusting to the different frequencies. So, look around.

Okay, what I would like for you to do is open up your consciousness and receive just whatever random energy may come into you at this moment. Okay, okay, okay, so with whatever that was it just kind of disperses around you. It is within your space. And now to one side perhaps the left let us look back at the last year. However, it is like this is a pathway that goes backwards indefinitely. As you stand here in this now moment the second day of 2022 you have the last one, to two, to three, to fifty years just flowing out from you and as you’re looking at that just feel what the energy is like.

We’re going to take a look in the other direction as you look forward through 2022 and beyond and much of this is an unknown. Oh, very interesting. So, as I said that I could see how so many of you it is not actually unknown because you already know; “Well I’ll still be in this relationship, I’ll still be in this house, I’ll still be in this job, I’ll still be…”. So, there are certain aspects of your life that will not be changing anytime in the near future. So, you may see that as it’s laid out for you.

There are also some of you that when you look back over the last several years, they’ve been very hard years. I can feel loneliness, depression, alienation, a sense of physical illness in many of you, frustration, anger, the list goes on and on. I can also feel where some of you are like you’re walking up a set of stairs, and you have felt that at some time in the past, but you have moved beyond it and into a new beginning.

Therefore, for those of you in which this is not a particular intention, I invite you to continue to work with the transition of where you are right now. For all of the rest, this is a time to look back at your life and those things where it is more prevalent that you feel sad, angry, alone, depressed when that is the strongest energy. Then I ask you truly take it up and out from you right now as if to look at it in front of you. If this has been going on for some time, where did it begin? If this is something that comes up and spikes periodically what is the trigger. If there are those types of emotions, they are holding you back from those other energies that we spoke about.

Now perhaps the majority is in a higher light frequency and these are things that just come up from time to time. If any of those emotions are consistently within your life it is time to let them go. We have worked at releasing numerous times in the past. So why do you keep holding onto it? Okay, okay, I heard about three things in particular. If I let go of this pain and sorrow, frustration, and loneliness then I will be betraying someone else. Another thing I heard was, “If I allow myself to be happy then that other person wins”, which is interesting to me. Meaning that somebody else that hurt them so badly, or a situation that hurt them so badly, and if they move on and become happy then it feels inside of them as if whoever the other person was, they win. So, we’re just sharing what comes through. And the third thing is. “This has been my life for so long I don’t know how to look outside of that box. I don’t know how to be any different than that.”

Whatever it may be if there are things such as these emotions going on it is ultimately hurting you. Even if you try to let it go but it keeps coming back then there’s something inside of you that does not want to let it go. This may be more than what you can do in this now moment but we set up the intention that you can listen to this as often as you need to and each time you bring up more and more and more until you clear out the past. For you to move forward it is essential to have a new beginning. For you to let go of the past sometimes it means letting go of a dream. Sometimes it means letting go of an individual or a house, or a job, or a situation. If it has not manifested in this now moment then it is time to let it go.

I could feel the pain as I say that because people are saying no. No, I do not want to let it go. But here’s the problem you are shifting into a higher frequency and where you are right now is not compatible with moving forward. You can still create those same dreams that you want to have but do so from a higher frequency. Do not just keep going in this endless circle that brings you nothing but pain and sorrow. So, on this beginning of the new year as you look back as you look down your life brings up everything that has kept you in that low frequency of pain, sorrow, and suffering. Just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up and ~phew~ let that go.

Okay, I could hear some of you saying there was a sense of like righteousness, I’m right and they’re wrong so I’m going to hold on to my anger. Who are you hurting? The other person couldn’t care less if you’re angry or not. You are only hurting yourself. So, if there is anything that is stuck over a period of time bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up and ~phew~ let that go.

This next year with the greater integration of the higher frequency those people that remain stuck in these old patterns will have a harder time figuring out life. Especially as the third dimension becomes deactivated, because many of these emotions are a part of the third dimension. In some ways, it may help you to let them go. In other ways, because it’s entrained within you to feel, or act, or think in a particular way you won’t see the opportunities that are around you because you’ll be at that lower level as the higher frequency comes in. Whatever it may be conscious or unconscious allow it to come up from within you. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. ~phew~ Let go. Let go of the past.

That is so much better, so much better, so much better. Many, many, many of you are able to release disappointment and those things that have not worked in the past. Let us shift and as you move forward into 2022, I know many of you are just going to say, okay I still want this relationship, I want this house, I want this job. Please don’t. Look at 2022 as if it’s a clean slate. Give yourself some time, perhaps a week perhaps two, but give yourself some time to become accustomed to the higher frequency. It may be some of these things that you’ve wanted for so long are no longer what’s in your best interest. It may be that you now can manifest a higher more expanded version of what you were seeking. However, if you immediately go back into what you just released you are shutting yourself down. Clear it out.

So, as you look at 2022; it’s very interesting because as I looked that time through the eyes of many of you it looked like it was a pathway that literally had an uphill slant to it. There are always those of you, as I mentioned the uphill slant, people were like oh great another year of struggle. I saw that uphill slant as the raising of humanity into the higher frequency. If you put forth that it’s another year of struggle you will have another year of struggle. If you can let go open up to the potential that this is actually brand-new creations that are being made by you the humans living on the Earth. Pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.

Take this opportunity to truly, truly access the higher frequency. Thank you, thank you everyone because now I could see the majority stepping into a pathway of creation where you have an opportunity something new, something unique, something that is filled with light.

There is so much that as it gets released will also allow your consciousness to release. As you step onto this pathway for this upcoming year, I do ask you to put forth the intention that the alignment between you and your Divinity is even more expanded than it has been before. Okay, I could hear people saying how does that serve me? Well, as that flow expands between you the human and you as your Soul your intuition is going to expand also. You will strengthen the senses like your inner vision, your inner thoughts, your inner sensitivity. All of that will expand as you open that flow to your Divinity.

As you can imagine once there is that much greater flow that moves through you, you will also then recognize opportunities that are coming your way. There are so many of you that are not accustomed to a totally wide open, random potential.  You have been in that pattern for so long of what you have been seeking. Therefore, as you look out at your potential future coming up this year be open to the vastness of the love and the light. Recognize how you the human are literally manifesting your Godself into your everyday life. You do so through your intuition, through your expanded consciousness, through listening to the guidance that comes your way. Be gentle with yourself.

As you listen to your inner guidance, it’s quite simple, when you come to a split in the road. Ss this one feel exciting or interesting, or does this one feel neutral or nothing, or give you a knot in your stomach? You follow the pathway that feels exciting. As you consider what direction you would like to do for this year perhaps begin with a list of what makes me happy. Some of you may find that hard to do so give yourself that task or have that intention as a means of opening up the doorway that you begin to listen to your intuition. The big difference is that now the vibration and the frequency of the earth plane is going to more fully support your own personal growth in just such a way.

Breathe in opportunity. Breathe out resistance.

As you have taken the time and sent your focus into 2022 some of the things that I’m noticing are that at the beginning it was somewhat bland, meaning just kind of white or neutral colors, and now it is filled with purples, pinks, magentas, browns, golds, all sorts of different colors giving it vitality and energy. I’m also seeing particular experiences manifesting for people. As I said that I could see how some of you had those same potentials but they walked right past you and you never saw them. Now you will be able to see them. Step into the richness and the fullness that will be 2022.

I invite everyone to come back together as a whole. I wish to say that as I said that many of you that have been stuck in that energy are now out playing. I see some dancing, some exploring, some going on hiking, some swimming in the water and you don’t want to come back together as a group and so let your consciousness be there.  Let it continue to create for you and everyone that is ready to do so come back together creating that circle of light. Within this circle feel the presence for all that are here. You as humanity support one another. The energy flows from one to the next to the next.

Coming up within the center of this group is the hologram of the Earth. Look at that hologram. It’s different, isn’t it. In some ways, it doesn’t look like the Earth that you are accustomed to. Some of the spaces look more transparent, especially those that were already at the higher light frequencies. When we see the hologram transforming in this way it’s an indication that humanity and the collective consciousness are also transforming.

So, this energy comes up within the group. Each one of you sends into the group or into the hologram your open flow and intention for a new beginning of this year. There are other Angels and Light Beings that also send their energy and light into the hologram. We then send that piece out that goes to the Universe. We always see it like a streak that is going out through the Galaxy and anyone else that is in the alignment of this consciousness taps into it and it creates anchoring and responses for you upon the Earth.

The remainder of that hologram goes down into the Earth. As it surrounds the Earth it’s still clearing out the last of that old energy. It moves through into the center of the Earth anchoring within the sector, and then it expands outward. As it expands outward it’s coming up through the layers of the earth. Your own energy comes up through that corridor, that energy of life that you sent into the earth and you are manifesting your own beginning that you created. So too it comes up into every human. Everyone has the ability to tap into this. Some may do so unconsciously. Some may do so consciously. It impacts and creates transformation and expansion in all that is upon the Earth.

As you continue to anchor you bring back the remainder of your consciousness. I invite you to take a moment to truly feel that open flow that moves from you here in your everyday reality straight up through your Higher Self, your Divinity and into the All That Is. This is open and in the flow for you. You then just let all of it flow back down within you allowing your consciousness to come fully back into your physical reality. As you breathe deeply everything settles within you.

What does a new beginning mean to you? Is it something that is a regurgitation of the past but in a new way? Or is a new beginning that completely letting go of the past and stepping into something totally different? Allow this new beginning of 2022 to be a time in which the richness and the fullness that is within you is reflected out throughout your life. Let this new year be an opportunity where the choices that you make lead you down a pathway that allows you to feel happy, joyful, excited, and interested in whatever may come.

Beloved family this is a magnificent time to be alive upon the Earth and know that I am ever with you and within you.


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