Welcome to 20 years of Goddess Light.  I cannot believe that I have offered the Goddess Light free teleconference for 20 years!! Take a minute and think back to what you were doing twenty years ago.  I feel as if this has all been a very natural evolution.  I have a few memories to share.

I went to a conference around 1998 or 1999.  During the conference, I listened to someone talking about Lemuria, Atlantis, and Karmic Agreements, and how your thoughts will influence your life.  When I say this now, we all think sure, of course.  But for me at that time, they were game changing.  I cannot remember the conference or the people speaking, isn’t that interesting? But I do remember the impact. 

At that time I had been a Reiki Master for about five years and channeling the same length of time. At this point in my career, I was not confident enough to channel for others, so I was channeling, journaling, and studying; all to open my energy.  I had a few things I was working on.  First of all, I was always a type A personality!! So, I was perhaps kind of slow to learn to let go and open to the higher consciousness. 

In 2001 I was nudged into channeling for other people.  Well, let me rephrase that…… the angels pushed me! That created a big change.  I was nervous, I was forcing myself to step outside of my comfort zone and work with other people.

As I continued to grow, I came to a place of creating my first website, creating a logo.  My sister helped me with the website and she actually came up with the Goddess Light Logo with the font, and star, that I still use. I wasn’t sure what to name the website, so I went back to that person who was so pivotal in my opening up.  Once again, he was pivotal, but in a completely different way.  When I mentioned Goddess Light, he said no it’s not a good name.  He said we live in the bible belt (south eastern USA) and that most of society was based in the masculine. 

I had an immediate response.  I knew before I left the session that Goddess Light was absolutely what the name needed to be because it was the time for an influx of the feminine energy.  In addition, when he spoke about our physical location, I knew that I would be working with people worldwide!  Even though I’d really resonated with his first reading, this time I did not, but I did strengthen my alignment to my intuition.  That was probably one of the biggest lessons I needed to learn.

I then remember in Summer of 2008 that the Earth had shifted into the 5th Dimension.  I knew it was pivotal, but I didn’t really know what that meant.  What I learned during that year was that even thought the energy shifted, we were not truly in the 5th dimension.  But it was some of the first big steps in moving into the 4th and letting go of the 3rd

Another pivotal year was 2012.  This was the end of Mayan Calendar.  This was when people  really starting talking about the 5th dimension and what this really means.  There were of course the people who stepped into fear, lots of talk about Nostradamus and the end of civilization.  As most of you know, it was actually the end of the old energy and time to move into a new timeline. 

Throughout these various stair steps of ascension, I kept realigning with higher and higher levels of the Goddess.  So too, as I grew my channeling business, I was also stretching and bring deeper and deeper connections with people. I was also expanding into YouTube and digital channels with more potential for sharing.  I was also teaching a lot of classes locally and some online.

Another transformative time was January 2016.  During the first teleconference of that month the Universal Light Beings came in, introducing themselves and saying they wanted to work with me, my groups, and humanity during this time of ascension.  I can still remember as they came in.  I had a strong sense of a triangle.  Crystallia was directly above my head, Brysentia was on my right shoulder and Albayon on my left shoulder. There energies were different from anything else I had encountered, most especially Crystallia.  I knew almost immediately that they were different; both in energy and their mission.

I have a group of close friends who worked with me monthly as we acclimated to and anchored these energies. I also created a website during this time, however I never did publish it.  I had my web developer and friends who kept asking, when are you going to publish, but I just couldn’t!!

We all know what happened in 2020.  During the time I was at home I was suddenly doing a lot of energy work with the ULBs.  In addition, I learned about the cabal, the corruption, the manipulation, and it filled n the blanks for the many things I knew energetically but didn’t know physically. I worked with many galactic beings to clear the deeply entrained negative beings and suddenly the ULBs were coming in more often.

Finally in October 2021 I published Crystalline Transformations.  I also at this time started channeling the ULBs twice a month.  I came to realize that the reason I didn’t become more public was the I made an unconscious choice to live under the radar.  I believe in past lifetimes I’ve been persecuted for my spirituality and I believe in particular by the nefarious ones that are now being purged from the Earth. 

This leads us to right now!! I have been channeling the Goddess of Creation for the free channeled meditation twice a month for 20 years.  I actually have boxes of cassette tapes from the early years. Through that time there have been massive changes in the world, the universe, the energy, the level of alignment with the Goddess and influx of expanded universal energy.

We are now entering a time of ascension that is unprecedented.  This is something that was destined to take place with many, many different pathways on how to get here.  There are many times I thought, ENOUGH already, lets be done.  This gave me the chance to practice focusing on what I do want to have.  I also make a choice not to get caught up in the fear and negativity.  I know this will all be behind us. I know there is a time coming when many will be shocked and in fear.  However, that is all transitional.  The hard work is done.  This is a time for excitement and new beginnings.

What will the next 20 years bring??? I have no idea.  I just know that I am open to experience however it will unfold.